What is the LSAT Experimental Section?

LSAT Experimental Section and Its Implications

LSAT Experimental Section

The LSAT test contains in total six sections, two Logical Reasoning sections, one Analytical Reasoning section, one Reading Comprehension, one Experimental section and a Writing sample. The Writing sample and Experimental section do not contribute towards your score. The Experimental section serves as a medium for testing questions for future tests. The performance by different candidates in this section is taken into account for deciding the future test questionnaire and scoring scale. This helps in selecting the best questions for the future tests.

The Experimental section can be from any one of the sections: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension. Initially, this part was common to all the test takers and usually it was the first section. Later, it was shifted to one of the three sections. This means that a student can select this as the first section, whereas another student may get this as the third section. The latest exam trend does not provide any information regarding the placement of this section. It can be any one of the five sections. The content in this segment is not the same for all the students. Some may get the Reading Comprehension while others may get the Logical Reasoning section. Even after the test has started, you cannot guess which section will appear. It is just a matter of chance; if you get a section which is easy for you, then it can have a positive psychological effect. Every candidate appearing for the test will have the same scoring sections, two Logical Reasoning sections, one Analytical Reasoning section and one Reading Comprehension section.

Its Implications

As the students are not aware of the exact placement of this portion, it can prove to be difficult while attempting the test. However, the common rumor is that it is the most difficult section in the test. But, this cannot always be true. Because of the pressure while appearing for the exam, a particular section may appear as more difficult compared to others. The same section if analyzed with a calm mind may not appear to be as difficult as initially considered to be. Guess work is possible if there are two Analytical Reasoning sections or two Reading Comprehension sections. Similarly, if there are three sections of Logical Reasoning, then one of the sections can be Experimental. This information is useful in case you are planning to cancel your scores. Otherwise, the sequence and content in this section is of no importance. While attempting a difficult section, believing that it is the non-scoring section can boost your confidence in attempting the next sections, and can result in a better score than what you expected for.

The students who are planning to cancel their scores will have an advantage if they know the placement of the Experimental section. In this case, a guess can be done after attempting the exam, which can sometimes prove helpful. But, if you are still not confident with your performance, then it is better to cancel your scores.

Finally, What is Important...

The Experimental section is a copy of one of the four sections of LSAT. If you are serious with your preparation, then the placement of this section is of no importance. You must remember that each section has its own importance and should be attempted by keeping this fact in mind. Try to give your best while appearing the test without worrying about this section; this will surely have a positive effect on your scores.