Explanation of the Logical Reasoning Section of LSAT

Logical Reasoning Section Explained

LSAT is basically an aptitude test designed to test your logical and analytical reasoning capabilities to the maximum in a stressful environment. The logical reasoning section  does both of these. Hence, in order to do well in this test you will need to understand the point of view. Like all the other parts of LSAT you will get 35 minutes each to solve both the sections of Logical Reasoning. You will have to answer 24 to 26 questions in this section. If you can do well in this section you can be assured of a high score. In order to do so you must understand arguments well. Some tips and strategies to help you understand and solve this section of LSAT are discussed in the following sections.

Understanding the Logical Reasoning Section of LSAT

The logical reasoning section will present you with various arguments and you will have to draw the correct conclusion from them. If you can ace this section it will account for nearly 50% of your marks in LSAT. The features of this segment are as follows:

  • The passages are argumentative in nature. So, you must be able to draw the right conclusion from them.

  • The passages use legal jargon. So you must familiarize yourself with them.

  • Usually the passages have more than one logical error. These errors will direct you towards the correct answer.

  • The passages comprise of strong and weak arguments. You will have to be able to identify them. The stronger arguments will indicate the correct answer.

Thus, based on the features of this section, you should create your strategies to help you answer them. Some tips and strategies to help you solve this part of LSAT are discussed in the following section.

How to Solve the Logical Reasoning Section

The questions of this section test your skills to be able to analyze arguments and select the argument that is stronger, irrespective of whether it is correct or not. This section is a true test of your skills as a lawyer. Thus, to help you do well in this section some tips and strategies are as follows:

  • You should be able to read the passages fast. Time management is very important for this section. Like all other sections you will get 35 minutes to solve it. So you will have to read, as well as, draw the correct arguments from the passage in a limited time period.

  • You should be able to identify the basic stimulus for the argument provided in the passage.

  • The indicators for the conclusion to be drawn will be provided in the passage itself. You should be able to identify these indicators correctly so that you can come to a conclusion quickly.

  • You should familiarize yourself with legal jargon. This will help you understand the most substantial argument in the passage thereby helping you draw the correct conclusion.

  • You should answer by using a process of elimination. Eliminate the wrong answers first so that you can automatically understand the correct answer.

  • The questions require you to draw conclusions from the data provided. You should never make the mistake of assuming anything.

  • After reading the passage thoroughly, first ask yourself the question 'What is the conclusion of the argument?'Then based on that try and justify the argument with the help of the data provided. If you are able to do so then you will be able to automatically choose the correct answer.

  • The conclusion that you draw from an argument should be supported by the data provided in the passage itself. You should understand the 'cause' of the conclusion. This 'cause' will indicate the correct answer.

Thus, the Logical Reasoning section requires you to think logically and answer with a clear mind. You should only study the passage provided and then answer. Your personal experiences or any other preconceived notion should not cloud your judgment. Remember this is the most important section of LSAT and if you can do well in this you will definitely score well in the examination.