Blueprint Preparation Options for LSAT

Why Is Prep from Blueprint Preferred?

Blueprint is a company that takes a different approach as compared to most of the others in the field of preparation for LSAT. The philosophy of this organization is to make studying more interesting for the student and therefore make retention easier. The Blueprint insignia reflects this attitude of its founders. It is a maze as seen from above, and is supposed to represent the ease with which one can solve the maze, if only one can view the whole picture.

The Blueprint Course Materials for LSAT:

The course materials include over 3000 pages of text and 6000 actual questions of LSAT. The curriculum is updated every year so that you, as a student, may receive only the latest information. There are five course books in total. The first two discuss the basic concepts that are required for answering questions. The third book contains advanced concepts. This book is intended to give you an edge over your competitors by teaching you to answer the tougher questions in the test. The fourth book concentrates on teaching you how to complete the questions within the allotted time. This book also reviews the material covered in the previous books in order to help you remember what you have learnt. The fifth book contains practice papers and extra sets of questions.

Blueprint Instructors:

All instructors at Blueprint have scored above 170 on an actual LSAT. They also receive specific training from the founders of the company. The training is directed not only at the thorough knowledge of subjects, but also targets the ability to make the lessons as interesting as possible for the students. The instructors are trained to give as many examples as possible from real life situations, while explaining concepts to the students. This kind of teaching methodology ensures that learning is enjoyable and relatively stress-free for you. Blueprint claims to pay more than other prep companies to their instructors. According to Blueprint, this is the reason for the large number of talented applicants who knock on their doors.

Blueprint Courses:

Blueprint offers a full-length classroom course, an online course and personal tutoring (1-on-1) to its students.

1. Classroom Course:

This includes 88 hours of lectures as well as 24 hours for practice LSATs, making a total of 112 hours. The class schedule includes 16 core lessons during which the instructor introduces new principles. Three workshops are conducted at the conclusion of the study of each course book. The workshops are basically a review of the syllabus already covered. They help in better recall of the course material.

Towards the end of the course, Blueprint also conducts three targeted clinics. Each clinic concentrates on one section of Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning and Logical Games. This type of focus on each of the sections, ensures that most if not all of the difficulties experienced by you in any one particular section, are taken care of. The course costs $1299.

2. Online Blueprint Course:

The online course consists of more than 60 hours of instructions. Blueprint has employed professionals to create a special video course that features extensive animation and motion graphics. Blueprint has named its video course, the 'Movie 2.0'. The video is interesting to watch and easy to learn from as it holds your complete attention. It costs $799.

3. Blueprint Tutoring Course (1-on-1):

'1-on-1' is the personal tutoring course. The company offers this mainly as a supplement to the full-length classroom and video courses. The students who feel they require individual attention in order to target specific problems and find solutions are encouraged to take these sessions. The sessions cost around $100 per hour.

Prep courses from Blueprint are preferred by many students, thanks to its fresh approach and out of-the-box ideas. A task that is otherwise long and dull has been turned into almost an enjoyable experience. Its innovative ideas have gained great popularity and made Blueprint one of the most preferred prep companies.