Detailed Process of ISEE Application

How to Apply for ISEE Exam

While applying for the ISEE, there are several key considerations that the parents must keep in mind. This article provides you with a detailed guide to this process and throws light on the "dos" and "dont's" of this process. We recommend that you follow the below-mentioned guidelines to avoid any hassles or glitches during registration.

The 6-step ISEE Guide for Application:

Step #1: Select the Grade & Test Format

This test is held at 3 levels - lower-level, middle-level and upper-level, corresponding to the grades that the students are seeking admissions to. Hence, you will need to make a note of the grade and the corresponding test level that your child is suitable for. This information needs to be provided during the submission of your child's application (in Step 6).

This exam is available in both online and paper-based formats. Hence, both students and parents must review the requirements and rules of these formats and decide on which one is most comfortable for the student. The testing centers and dates will vary based on the selected format. Therefore, it is important that this decision is made prior to the submission of the application form. 

Step #2: Select the Testing Centers and Dates

There are 3 types of testing centers; namely, ERB testing offices, Group or Consortium Centers and Open testing centers at selected private schools. The testing windows or dates available in each center vary greatly. Some of these centers provide independent testing, while others provide small or large-group testing facilities. A complete list of test locations and dates is available in the ISEE Student guide mentioned earlier in this article. You could also check for seat availability online at - After a careful review of the testing centers and available dates, you may select one or more locations and dates that are convenient to you. You will be requesting for these while you are submitting the application (in Step 6). While reviewing the dates, also take a look at the registration deadlines associated with the selected dates.

Step #3: Review Testing Accommodations

If your child requires special facilities due to a learning or physical disability, you may request for the necessary accommodations during the registration process. However, you must provide documents to support this request. The list of the required documentation and test centers that accommodate such requests is available at this link -

Step #4: Select the Registration Method

If your child is taking the paper-based test, you may submit the application by mail, walk-in (only at some testing centers), phone or through the internet. However, if your child is taking the test online, then you have to register only via the online registration system. In the online registration method, payment must be made via an e-check, credit or debit card. In paper-based registration (i.e. mail or walk-in methods), you may pay using a check or an e-check and the registration form may be picked up either from the private school you are applying to or by calling this ERB toll-free phone number -1-800-989-3721 (ext 2612).

Step #5: Review the Fee Requirements

You must review the basic fees (early registration fee) and other fees such as late or emergency registration fees, large-group testing fees etc. Also, there are additional fees based on the registration method that you have chosen. A complete list of fees is available in the ISEE student guide or at

Step #6: Submit Your Application

This is the last step of the registration process.

  • To register online, you may click on -
  • To register by phone, call ERB hotlines 1-800-446-0320 or 919-956-8524.
  • Paper-based registration form must be sent to the address mentioned on the form, along with the required documentation.

You must provide all the information you have collected from Steps 1-5, along with accurate personal and payment information. Once your child's application has been received and verified by ERB, a verification letter will be mailed (or emailed) to you with a confirmation of the test date and center. The dates and centers are allocated to the students on a first-come and first-serve basis. If the requested dates are not available, alternate dates or centers will be provided in the verification letter. This brings us to the end of the 6-step registration process.

We hope this easy-to-follow guide has answered all your outstanding questions regarding the ISEE registration process. We recommend that all parents of applicants take their time to review the application requirements thoroughly and thereafter, submit the application forms so that they can avoid any mistakes or rework later.