Utilizing IELTS Practice Material That Are Available Online

IELTS Practice Materials for the Writing Test

The IELTS Writing Study Resources

You need to have a good set of study materials to score high in the Writing section of IELTS. These practice materials may be found in books, courses or at paid online sites. However, if you are facing a shortage of funds and would like to avail free materials; you can find them at many websites. Different types of topics that will help you with the essay writing section can be downloaded from the Internet. However, you have to know about dependable websites from where you may get or download practice resources for writing. The following article pens down the reviews of certain websites from where you may download study guides for free. However, before we discuss such materials, let us read about the importance of IELTS study resources found on the Internet.

Importance of IELTS Writing Study Resources

  • The two Writing sections of IELTS are crucial; hence, you cannot afford to prepare without practicing sample essay prompts provided in the material.

  • The Writing section contains two sections namely the academic and general writing sections. If you do not read about sample essays from the practice resources, you shall never know the technique to respond to essay prompts.

  • Your essay response must carry viable evidence and logical reasons. This material provides you enough assistance for making your essay comprehensive.

Now that we have learnt about the essay sections and their importance in developing your essay responses, let us study about some free online practice resources for IELTS essay sections.


This is the official site of the IELTS exam. In this website, you can get detailed information regarding the two Writing sections. You can learn about the crucial details of the two (General Training and Academic) Writing sections from this website. In addition, you can get sample essay prompts for both the Academic and General Training Writing sections. For Academic Writing sample essay prompts, you can visit http://www.ielts.org/test_takers_information/test_sample/academic_writing_sample.aspx but go to http://www.ielts.org/test_takers_information/test_sample/general_training_-_writing.aspx for the General Writing essay prompts.


If you want to dig deeper into the Writing section, you can visit the IELTS-Blog. Just like any other study materials, this website provides you the descriptions of the two Writing sections. However, unlike the other practice resources, it provides you valuable tips and strategies to improve and strengthen your essay writing skills and capabilities. Be it the Academic or the General Training essay prompts, you can find dependable and worthy tips from it for both these sections. You can start reading about essay writing tips at http://www.ielts-blog.com/ielts-preparation-tips/writing-tips/ielts-academic-test-tips-for-writing-task-1/.

IELTS Writing Samples Blog-spot

The Writing section contains questions that may ask you to write a letter response or an essay, based on a prompt. In this blog, you shall find sample questions, which ask you to write a response for a particular situation or condition, or write a response against an argument or a summary of a visual description. Click at http://ieltswritingsamples.blogspot.in/ to read about sample material and improve your essay writing skills.

Canada Visa IELTS Writing

This is another unique website, where you can search for essay writing prompts. It provides you a video tutorial that explains the procedure to write essay responses. It offers an online calculator for finding your band score for the essay section. Furthermore, using your band score, you can know about your level status and the points awarded in the Writing section of IELTS. All the practice materials are offered to you without any cost. Click at http://www.canadavisa.com/ielts/free-practice-tests.html to read more about it.

The two Writing sections measure your ability to construe and organize given pieces of information into an informed essay response. If you are studying on your own, you must make use of materials found online. As most of these resources are downloadable, you need not worry about shelling out extra cash. Here are a few more links to free practice materials: