IELTS Score of 5.0

Your Options If You Score 5.0 in IELTS

IELTS is an International Standardized English test, which assesses your English competency in four areas - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. There are two modules in this test- Academic module and General Training module. If you are a student who wants to enrol in a university or a professional who wants to study or practice in an English speaking country, then you have to take the Academic module of the test. But, if you want migrate or just gain some work experience in these countries, then you have to take the General Training module. Do not hesitate to contact the organisation you have applied to, for confirmation of the required module.

Scoring Scale in IELTS

The test is scored on a band scale of 0-9 where 0 implies that you have not attempted the test and a 9 indicates that you are an expert user of the language. The purpose of this test is to have a conclusive proof of your language skills, so there is no pass or fail in the test. Organisations have their own standards when it comes to assessing the test scores. While considering your application, organisations and institutions not only consider individual band scores but also consider the overall band score.


Generally candidates taking the Academic module have to have a higher band score especially if they have applied for a linguistically demanding course. A test score of 5.0 assesses the test-taker as a modest user of the language who has only partial command over the language. The minimum score requirement varies from country to country; it can range from as low as 5.5 to as high as 8.5. If you are planning to pursue a foundation course/pre diploma/diploma/advanced diploma, then a score of 5.0 will help you gain admission, but if you are planning to pursue undergraduate or post graduate studies then with a score of 5.0 your chances of getting into most universities are slim.

Options Available for IELTS 5.0 in the Academic Module

Most universities in Italy will consider you for their undergraduate programs if you have a score of 5.0, as their minimum test score requirement is 4.5. However, for a master's program you need you to have a minimum score of 6.0. In case you are applying to other English speaking countries and you have a band score of 5.0 or less then instead of retaking the test you could perhaps, contact the respective university to find out if they offer conditional admissions, wherein they might ask you to enrol in a language or a combination of language and academy classes depending on how you scored in the test. For instance, certain universities like Queen Mary University of London do have conditional offers i.e. if you have a 5.0 in each section or have an overall test score of 5.0 with no section less than 4.5, then instead of taking this exam again; the university offers you a pre-sessional course for a specific period of time. If you complete this course successfully, then you can directly get admitted to undergraduate or post-graduate courses.

Options Available for IELTS 5.0 in the General Training Module

Unlike the Academic module, General Training module does not require a high test score. If you have an average score of 5.0, wherein you have scored 5.0 or more in each section of the test then you need not take the test again, provided your scores are not more than two years old. However, if you have an average score of 5.0 but you have scored less than 5.0 in any one of the test sections then you will have to retake the test to be eligible for a Sub Class 457 visa. 

For those taking the Academic module it is always advisable to score higher than the university average as it improves your chance to get entitled for financial aid or scholarship.