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When should I take Practice Tests from Free IETLS Practice Tests Guide?

Free practice tests for IELTS help you at various times during your preparation. It is the best method to measure your level of English skills before starting the actual preparation. It gives you the exact graph of your strengths and weaknesses in every section of the test. You should not time yourself while taking the very first test from free practice tests guide. You can then scrutinize your scores in every question type as well as the time taken to answer. This exercise will be beneficial to you to plan your study. Once you start your test preparation, you should keep taking tests from the free practice tests guides to check your progress. IELTS is a standardized test which means it requires a standard approach to attempt the test. Since it tests your skills at all possible expressions of English, you must practice each of them to improve. The more you practice the more are your chances of getting high scores. You should therefore take as many practice tests as you can. Practice tests guides are the most convenient source of practice.

Characteristics of a Good Practice Test:

  • It should cover questions on all four sections.
  • It should cover all possible question types and subject areas.
  • It should preferably be the copy of previous year’s actual test.
  • It should be designed by experts.
  • It should provide answers to questions with explanations.
  • It should give instructions about solving each type of question.
  • It should be updated if any changes are made in the official test, because solving old pattern questions will be a waste of effort.
  • It should provide you with the score conversion chart to measure your scores at every section of the test.
  • It should turn out to be a confidence building measure and should motivate you to further take more of such tests.


An expert chess player always plans his moves ahead. The same is true with standardized tests like IELTS. You need to plan your strategy, follow it intelligently and apply whatever methods you can to achieve high scores at the test. Practice test guides help you at various junctures of your preparation. At the very beginning it shows you the level of English skills you posses. Regular practice from practice tests keeps track of your progress. Once you understand every section in depth, attempting timed tests can give you practice of the actual test. The more the  practice tests you take, the more you polish your skills. One should therefore attempt all possible practice tests from guides one can.

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