Info About Academic IELTS

IELTS Academic Module Explained

IELTS is a standard test that is popular across the world for the way it assesses your ability to comprehend English language and thus, helps you in fulfilling your aim of studying and working in an international location. The test preparation comprises taking test for two modules. They are the Academic module and General Training module. These tests are organized for all the four test sections i.e. the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking test sections. The Academic aims for assessing those students who want to take the test for getting admission to an undergraduate or a postgraduate course. It differs from the General Training module owing to the aspect that the latter assesses those IELTS aspirants who want to go to an English speaking country to join a vocational course or are immigrants especially to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The three sections of the Academic test and the question types that constitute the sections are as follows:

Academic Reading test

The Reading section consists of three sub sections. Each reading section contains 40 questions based on a reading text per section. These reading texts are derived from various sources such as books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc.

  • Multiple-choice questions: An excerpt is given and it is followed by multiple-choice questions. You have to read the excerpt and accordingly, answer the questions that are asked.

  • Table completion: You have to complete a table that follows the given excerpt.

  • Diagram label completion: A description on a topic is given. You have to label the diagram that follows the description.

  • Identifying information: A passage is given and the paragraphs that constitute the passage are marked in alphabetic order. For instance, if a passage has five paragraphs, they will be marked from A to E. The passage is followed by some pieces of information. You have to identify from which paragraph a given piece of information originates.

  • Identifying writer's views: An excerpt is given and some statements follow it. You have to judge whether a given statement supports the writer's views or opposes them or it is difficult to guess what the writer thinks about the given statement.

  • Matching headings: A reading text is given and it is marked in an alphabetic order. You have to find a suitable heading for the paragraphs that constitute the passage, from a number of headings that follow the given text.

  • Matching features: You have to match items with the paragraphs that contain their descriptions. The given items are matched with the paragraphs with the help of alphabets that represent the paragraphs from a given text.

Academic Writing test

The academic writing test is of 60 minutes duration and it comprises two writing tasks of 150 words and 250 words each.

  • Task 1: This writing task involves describing a chart or a table or a graph in about 150 words.
  • Task 2: This writing task invites you to write your own views for or against the supportive statement or argument concerning the given topic.

Academic Speaking test

This test is same for both the Academic and General training IELTS. It lasts from 11 to 14 minutes. The speaking test is divided into three parts.

  • Part 1: It involves speaking about yourself, your family background, your interests etc.
  • Part 2: In this part, you have to speak on a given topic.
  • Part 3: This part involves elaborating on a topic first and then taking part in a discussion with your interviewer on the same topic.

All the three parts aim at noticing an examinee's way of interaction, understanding task inputs and his/her outputs based on the given inputs.

Academic Listening test

This is same for both the Academic and General Training IELTS. It involves testing in different ways such as:

  • Form Completion: This involves completing a form based on recordings.
  • Multiple-Choice: These types of questions comprise choosing an answer based on the IELTS recordings.
  • Short Answer and Sentence Completion Questions: These types of questions are based on the recorded monologues and conversations of IELTS.

If you want to download sample questions for all the test sections of the Academic test, you can visit the webpage