Information About The IELTS

Where Can You Find Information about IELTS Test

Preparation for an examination begins with gathering all the required information about the examination. Hence, when you start preparing for IELTS you should know everything about the exam. Although, it is primarily an English language test, yet it is designed to test you skills in reading, writing, speaking, as well as, understanding it. However, this is a very broad description of the examination.

As you begin gathering information about this test you will get know that there are 2 versions of the examination. If you are a student who wants to pursue further studies (like graduation or post graduation) in colleges or universities of UK, Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand then you have to appear for the Academic version of IELTS. It is essential to mention your score in your admissions application.

The General Training version of IELTS is preferred by candidates seeking immigration in the afore-mentioned nations. This version is different from the Academic version because it will test your capacity in understanding instructions given in English and how well you can explain a situation to the required authorities. Some other features of the examination are discussed below.

What Does the Examination Comprise?

The examination is divided into 4 parts, viz, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The first 3 parts are held on the test date that you have selected and the Speaking test is held 7 days before or after the test date depending on the test center authorities.

If you want to know about the time you will get to solve each section and the number of questions that you will need to answer then click on the following link:
This is a link to the official website and you will get all the information about the format of the test here. This question is answered below. The section below will answer your questions regarding how this test is different from other English language tests.

Why Choose the IELTS?

As you gather more information, you will come to know how this examination is different from other English language tests. This examination reflects situations that you will come across in real life. Thus, as you prepare for the examination you will find that the audio clips you hear in the Listening module, replicate real life scenarios.

To get more information about this click on the following link:

Since, the score you receive for IELTS is widely accepted by institutes worldwide and multinational companies, as a true reflection of your proficiency in English, it is a good idea to appear for the IELTS examination other than similar English language tests. This brings us to the type of questions you will come across in this test and that is discussed in the following section.

What Type of Questions Will You Have to Answer in the IELTS?

Your information about IELTS is incomplete if you do not know about the type of questions that you will be asked in the test. Each section comprises a different variety of questions depending on the version that you are appearing for. An example to help you understand the difference in the 2 versions of IELTS is as follows:

For example, in the Writing section of the Academic version you will have to complete 2 tasks. In the first task you will have to interpret and describe a given diagram, flow chart, table or a graph. In the second task you will have to write an argumentative essay.

Whereas in the Writing section for the General Training version you will have to write a 150 word letter and a 250 word essay on a given topic. These are the 2 tasks that you will have to complete within 60 minutes. For more information on the question pattern click on the following link:
The afore-mentioned link will provide all the information and question paper pattern. The links given in the following section will help you with the registration process.

How Should You Register for IELTS?

You should begin registering for IELTS after you have selected a test date and a convenient test center. It is held nearly 4 times in a month and in 800 convenient test centers. Thus, selecting a test date and center should not be very difficult. However, remember that the General Training version of IELTS is held only 24 times in a year.

So depending on the version that you will have to appear, select a test date and center. After this you will have to register for the test by filling 'IELTS Application Form' or if your test center allows, then you can do an online application. To know the steps that you need to follow to register for IELTS click on the following link:

If you want to know about the entire registration process, test dates, test location and fees then click on the following links:

The afore-mentioned list will answer all your questions regarding the IELTS. Once you have gathered all the information, you can start preparing for the examination. After you have gathered all the information that you require, you should register for the test. Moreover, your preparatory process will also become easier if you know all the intricacies of the examination.