Band Score in IELTS

The scoring in IELTS is based on a band score. The ability and performance level is evaluated on the score range of one to nine band score of IELTS. The band score 1 represents the beginner in the language and 9 denotes the expert. When a candidate’s section is marked as 1 it means that the English ability of that candidate is low or poor. Whereas if it is marked 9 then the candidate’s English ability and understanding is very good. Both Computer based and paper-based IELTS are scored using the same nine-band scale.

The scores are mailed two weeks from the date of the IELTS test. The band score of each section is also mentioned. The scoring is done with the help of the 0-9 scoring scale.


The list below shows the score band markings.

  • 9 - Expert User
  • 8 - Very Good User
  • 7 - Good User
  • 6 - Competent User
  • 5 - Modest User
  • 4 - Limited User
  • 3 - Extremely Limited User
  • 2 - Intermittent User
  • 1 - Non User