Details of Test Dates for the ICTS

When is the Best Time to take the ICTS?

Proper preparation is essential if you want achieve high scores in the Illinois Certification Testing System (ICTS). The ICTS is an examination that will evaluate your aptitude, to become a successful educator. Moreover, the questions that you will have to solve in the examination will be quite detailed. Thus, you will need to prepare well and choose the date of taking the test after careful consideration. The following sections will help you understand the points that you must take into account, while selecting a test date.

Choosing ICTS Dates - Simplified!

The ICTS examination is held on a number of days in a year and this can make choosing a suitable test date quite difficult. Hence, when you decide to choose a date, ensure that you have taken the following points into account:

  • Type of examination:

    For the benefit of students the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) holds two versions of the ICTS, viz. the Computer Based Testing (CBT) and the Paper Based Testing (PBT). Thus, the selection of test dates will depend on the type of test you are going to take. For example, if you are going to take the PBT version then you can take the test on certain fixed dates. If you are going to take the CBT version then you can choose to take the ICTS any day from Monday to Saturday, throughout the year.

  • Proper preparation:

    The ICTS can be aced only with proper preparation. Hence, the best time to take it will be when you are thoroughly prepared for it. Since this is a professional examination, the questions that you will come across in the test will not only evaluate your academic skills, but also your critical and analytical abilities. It will also try to analyze your dedication for becoming a successful educator. The ICTS is a complex examination, comprising a number of tests. Hence, if you want to achieve high scores, ensure that you are well-prepared for it. So select a test date only when you are satisfied with your preparation.

  • Taking a re-test:

    The ISBE allows candidates to re-take the ICTS 5 times. However, if you are going to re-take the test then you should inform the authorities about the same and then select a test date accordingly. Remember, the ISBE keeps records of all your attempts at the ICTS. So before you select a re-test date, ensure that you have informed the required people and they will guide you with the selection of a test date.

The above-mentioned list will help you select suitable test dates and choosing proper test dates is essential, if you want to take the test without any stress.

Registering for ICTS

Once you have selected a suitable date, you should be prompt about registering for the examination. The seats available in the test centers are limited and they are distributed amongst candidates on a 'first-come-first-served' basis. So if you do not want to miss out on the best date, you should register for the examination at the earliest. In order to learn more about the registration process, click on the following link:

Take Note of...

The fact that the ICTS consists of a battery of tests which in turn consists of a number of sections. Moreover, the examination will continue for 5 hours, exclusive of the time taken to complete the administrative requirements. Hence, before you select the test dates, take into account all the points mentioned in the first section of this article. After that, remember to register for the particular date and take the test keeping your mind absolutely stress free!