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About HOBET Test

HOBET is the abbreviation of Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test. It is among the basic requirements for entering an occupational college course related with health. The test evaluates a student’s academic preparedness in math and science reading comprehension as well as his mental preparedness to take stress and learn difficult concepts. The aptitude of a candidate, as exhibited by his performance in the different sections of the exam, is believed to be predictive of his overall performance in a health related occupational course of study.

The exam is conducted by Educational Resources Incorporated, ERI. ERI has developed diagnostic assessments since 1963, with HOBET being developed since 1988.
Professions related with health are demanding in terms of intelligence, perseverance, sustainability, mental strength and endurance.  Any faculty works hard on each student to make him capable of taking on the responsibilities of the profession he is preparing for. If the candidate lacks the basic foundational qualities required to pursue the profession, it leads to wastage of efforts, time and energy. Moreover, selection of inept candidates can lead to a high dropout rate in a college. Hence, an exam like this is required for screening of candidates at entry level.

Significance of the Exam
The HOBET is a diagnostic test. This means that it diagnoses what abilities you have to complete a professional course and what all weaknesses you possess that can mar your chances of academic and professional success.

The exam acts as a tool for measuring your capabilities in mathematics and reading comprehension. Based on the results, students can be placed in appropriate courses commensurate with their abilities.

Colleges can assist students to make academic plans according to their results they have secured. The scores are also used for giving advice to students about the course that they should take up keeping in mind their abilities and inabilities. They can even be enrolled in remedial courses to make good the skills they lack so that their performance in college is not hampered.

There are many criteria used by colleges for granting admission. Some colleges grant admission points for each criterion considered according to the student’s capabilities. Your scores are also proportionately granted admission points which contribute towards your total credits earned for admission purposes. It assists in judging what all areas you require assistance in for gaining success.

Sections and Format of HOBET
There are seven content areas you are tested in. These are related with academic abilities and learning styles as well. The total testing time is 3 hours. The different test sections are:

  1. Essential Math Skills: This test section contains questions related with whole numbers, decimal operations, percentage operations, fraction operations, number system conversions and algebraic equations.

  2. Science Reading Comprehension: This test section is based on skills related with reading rate, critical thinking, inferential reading, main idea of passage and predicting outcomes.

  3. Written Expression: Your knowledge of punctuation, spelling, grammar and pluralization are put to test in this section.

  4. Stress Level Profile: The topics covered in this section are related with family, social, workplace, academic and money/time.

  5. Basic Science Concepts and Vocabulary: This section tests your knowledge of concepts related with science and usage of common terms of science.

  6. Learning Styles: This section is related with how capable the candidate is to learn and what his approach towards learning is.

  7. Assessment Taking Skills: This section of the exam tests your ability to apply test taking strategies.

Format: The test is administered in three formats

  • Paper/Pencil
  • Software
  • Web-based

Each college makes its own choice of the format in which the test is administered. Most colleges administer the computer based exam.

Registration and Cost
Registration:In order to take the exam you shall have to contact the college you are interested in and register with the college. The date of the exam depends on the dates available with the college. Where some colleges administer the test on a few dates only, others offer more flexibility. Besides, the date of testing depends on the time when the scores are required for admission. For instance, Pitt Community College requires that the test be taken at least two weeks prior to admission application deadline for the intended program. You must check with the Testing Office of the college you are applying to for information about the testing dates, registration deadlines, time and schedule of testing and retesting options much before time for application lest you should miss some details and regret it later.

Retesting: Most colleges allow one retest to be taken. There are other criteria considered for retesting as well. These too differ from college to college. College of Lake County allows applicants to test twice in a screening year, once between 1st January and 30th June and once between 1st July and 31st December. In Lake Washington Technical College students can retake the exam once in a year with a gap of 30 days between the first and second attempt. With limited options of retesting, it shall stand in your favor to take the test only when you are fully prepared to.

Cost: The cost of taking the test varies from college to college. Northwest Arkansas Community College charges $20 for testing and the testing is offered to individuals without the requirement of an appointment. There are other colleges that charge as high as $50 for the exam.
Make inquiries about all the details of registration, retesting and cost of testing from the Testing Center of each college you are interested in.

Interpretation and Utility of Scores
Scores from the test are received immediately after the test for the computer based versions. The paper based version takes longer to be scored as the response sheets are sent to ERI for scoring.
There is no passing or failing limit for the test. You shall receive a Composite Score for Essential Math Skills and Reading Comprehension sections. This composite score is one of the major deciding factors considered by colleges for admission.

Colleges use your scores for a variety of purposes. They are used for admission into Radiography, Medical Sonography, Nursing, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Polysomnography, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Respiratory Therapy and Therapeutic Massage programs of Pitt Community College. For admission into Health Information Technology, Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting, Medical Imaging and Surgical Technology screening in College of Lake County you need to clear HOBET.

Some colleges require that you take the test administered by them only while there are others that accept the scores administered by other colleges as well provided there is a written permission for them to do so.

Preparation for HOBET
Though there is no passing score, one needs to set an aim and prepare accordingly to obtain scores competitive enough to surpass others vying for the course of one’s choice. The scores are used for admission into a variety of courses, and for the most sought after courses the competition is intense. 

An understanding of the score requirement for the college and the course you intend joining shall be required as the initial step of preparation. Thereafter, you should contact the Testing Office of the college to inquire about the test preparation guidelines released by the college. There are study guides and other sources of preparation recommended by most colleges. Some colleges run courses and conduct workshops for preparation. Enquire about all such options before choosing what shall be ideal for you.

HOBET Study Guide is a comprehensive study material published by Educational Resources Incorporated. This can either be purchased through ERI or from a bookstore in the colleges you apply to. This study guide is also available in most college libraries.

NET-HOBET Practice Test is an online web based practice test that you can purchase from the following website: www.eriworld.com and remains valid for 30 days. It contains practice test items for Math, Reading Comprehension and Written Expression.
Set an Aim

You might have to apply to more than one college for ensuring that you get admission into some college or the other. There shall be separate rules governing test administration for every college and a different level of scores acceptable at each. You should gain information about the average scores earned by candidates who manage to secure admission into the college and course of your choice. Accordingly, you should set an aim for yourself and strive to achieve it through the practice tests you take for rehearsal.

You should be mindful of the idea that if you are not able to obtain entry into a course of your choice, then maybe you are not prepared to take on the challenges of the course and the ensuing profession. Consider the test as a diagnostic tool that you use, rather than a test used by colleges alone. Analyze the results from mock tests to understand your capabilities and overcome your weaknesses.

Gaining admission in a reputed college is more important than compromising on the college to pursue a course of your choice. Keeping quality of education as priority rather than fulfilling your desires shall help you in your professional life ahead.