Books for GRE Test

The Most Widely Used GRE Prep Books

There are many ways through which students prepare for GRE. Many of them attend training institutes wherein they get all the required study materials, curriculum, guided coaching etc. Some prefer to subscribe to an online course and work hard in order to score well in the test. However, no matter what mode of preparation the GRE aspirants select, a good test book would be the most important tool for preparation. A good book provides you with sample test papers in order to get acquainted with the actual test. It contains strategies, test tackling tips, explanations and solved problems for you to understand the concepts in a much better way. On the whole, a good book is an essential companion for any GRE aspirant.

The Most Widely Used GRE Prep Books

Currently, there are scores of  preparation books that are being published for the benefit of students. However, you should be careful while selecting any particular test book for your preparation. A good  book for your preparation must be characterized by the points mentioned below:

  • It should be authored by an expert in teaching GRE.
  • It should contain detailed explanations, examples, practice questions and sample test papers.
  • It should provide you comprehensive explanations pertaining to each and every concept.

The most widely used preparation books include the Official Guide to the Revised General Test, New GRE 2011-2012 by Kaplan, Cracking the New GRE by The Princeton Review and the Barron's New GRE 19th Edition. The books mentioned above are highly preferred by the students worldwide. Although they attend different coaching institutes, they use at least one of the mentioned books for gaining an extra edge. These books are really very helpful for any student who wishes to score high in the test.

Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test

Official Guide to the GRE is a highly recommended  book that is published by the administrators of the test. It is a perfect book that one must own in order to get a real first-hand experience and understanding of the test. It is equipped with two full-length tests, one test is in the book and the other one is included in the CD that comes along with the book. The tests are simulated and they give you the real test experience. This book features explanations to all the newly added changes and provides you with new strategies and tips in order to do well in the real test.

New GRE 2011-2012 by Kaplan

This New GRE 2011-2012: Strategies, Practice and Review by Kaplan is a comprehensive book that is preferred worldwide. This test preparation book consists of the essential test taking strategies and tips and detailed explanations for practice questions. This book covers each and every section of the test by explaining all the newly added features. It is equipped with two full-length test papers that give you the sense of the real test. Further, Kaplan's books are authored by expert faculty who train thousands of students annually for the test.

Cracking the New GRE

Cracking the New GRE by The Princeton Review is another widely used preparation book. It is simple to understand and contains comprehensive explanations for all the sections of the exam. This book is all about providing you with strategies. It is full of test taking strategies that are easy to understand and can be applied during the exam. This book consists of four full-length test papers of which two are in the book and the other two are included in the DVD supplement.

Barron's New GRE

Barron's preparation books are regarded as the best preparation books, especially for preparing for the Verbal and the Analytical Writing sections. The Barron's New GRE is a very good book that provides you with fully updated explanations, new strategies and a comprehensive review of all the test sections.