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GRE (or, Graduate Record Examination) is the entrance examination for students who wish to complete their graduation from the US universities or some of the countries like the UK and Canada. The ETS (Educational Testing Service) conducts this exam throughout the year for the online mode and during three months in a year for the paper based mode all over the world. Since this is a single point entry for graduation and later on for fellowships and masters degree, this test takes utmost importance. In addition, this test is taken by thousands of aspiring students all over the world. So all these things give a very high standard to this exam and it becomes a challenging task to clear it with flying colors. It takes special efforts to prepare for this exam. It can help you prepare for this exam properly. A book can explain to you every aspect of the exam. The test taking strategies explained in a study book are especially useful for scoring high. This article will give you all the required information about a study guide.

Test Pattern

Your study guide will explain to you the different sections of the test. The test is composed of three sections viz Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. These three sections are mandatory for the exam. Apart from this it also offers you an option of a specific subject test. These subjects include Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.

What are the types of GRE study guides?

The guides are available online as well as in book format. The paper format study guides are the preferred ones as it is convenient for you to carry them wherever you go. You can also study from them while you are waiting for somebody or traveling. However you can always download the soft copies of  guides available on the net. This way you can collect a lot of practice materials for you to prepare well. The test is also taken in a computer adaptive format. Therefore, you need to learn how to take the test online. For this you can download the test taking software available on the net.

What are the sources of GRE study guides?

The study books are available in every prominent book store near you. Internet is the best place to look for these guides. Here are some of the web sites where you can get them:





These web sites give you a feedback about the available  guides. You can also buy them. The payments for online purchases can be done through credit cards or e-banking. To practice for the computerized format of GRE you can download the free software available on the official web site of ETS i.e. www.ets.org.

How to Select a GRE Study Guide

If you wish to procure a  guide then here are some tips for you. Consult your friends for what kinds of guides they are studying from. This will give you an idea about the popular titles available in the market. You will also come to know about the quality of these books. The next thing you can do is to get a feedback online about popular titles. This will also give you the idea about the contents of these books and whether they cover the complete syllabus in depth or not. You will find a number of internet blog sites these days. These sites are especially useful for exchanging your views about certain things. Look for such sites where you may find feedbacks about the popular books. Here you may find the views of experienced people who have studied from these books. Next is to make a note of a few titles and then to go to a book store. Get hold of these titles and compare their indexes. This way you can do a comparative study about the subject materials, sample questions, sample test papers and the authors. Once you have done this, you will get a fair idea as to which of these books are better. Now from the short listed titles you can scan through the pages and read some of the subject materials. Try to judge the language of the author. If you feel it is easy to understand then it is better guide for you. The amount of practice questions and the test papers also play a vital role in your preparation. So choose that book which can offer you enough practice on every section. The next important thing to look for is whether the guide provides explanations to the answers or not. You must know the rationale behind the correct answer. Lastly, look for some test taking tips in your book. These tips are very important to prepare you for the test as a standardized test like GRE needs a certain standard approach towards the exam.

For the computer adaptive format of the test, apart from preparing for the subject matter, you also need to learn how to face the exam online. For computer adaptive test you can find various web sites offering test taking software and mock tests for GRE. Most of these tests are free. Such online tests can act as supplementary to your study guides.