Course for GRE Study

Tips to Select a GRE Study Course

The choice of a GRE preparatory course depends on the strengths and weaknesses of candidates. There are a number institutes that offer preparatory courses. Otherwise you can also prepare for the test on your own. However, before you choose a study course ensure that you have done sufficient research on it and that it meets most of your requirements. To help you select a course some essential features of a good preparatory course are discussed in the following section.

Some Features of a Study Course

If you take a survey of the institutes offering study courses you will find that each course has its own pros and cons. But before you select a course ensure that they have the following features:

  • The study course that you select should help you overcome your weaknesses. It should help you identify them and teach you strategies to overcome them.
  • A good course should give equal importance to all sections of the examination.
  • The course that you select should provide sufficient study materials so that you don't have to purchase supplemental materials.
  • It should also teach you tips and strategies to help you answer the test in a more efficient manner.
  • The study course you select should not only help you with the preparation but also with the registration process.
  • It should consist of a number of practice modules so that you learn time management.

The afore-mentioned list comprises the foremost points that you should take into account while selecting a study course. To help you with your selection some study courses that you can consider are discussed in the following section.

Discussion on Some Study Courses

  • : The Princeton review has been preparing candidates for the test for more than a decade. They offer different types of courses keeping in mind the different requirements of various candidates. For example if time and travel are constraints for you then you can opt for their online course. The unique feature of their online course is that they hold online interactive sessions to give students the feel of a classroom session. If you want exhaustive coaching for your  preparation then you can opt for a one-on-one session with Princeton Review tutors that are held online or in person, depending on your requirements. There is of course the option of traditional classroom sessions for which you can enroll. The courses are designed depending on your requirements. The tutors who will prepare you for the test are all highly skilled, professional and experienced personnel. So if you require a complete preparatory course designed based on your requirements then you should check out the various courses offered by this institute.

  • : The courses offered by Kaplan Test Preparation are very sought after. They offer 4 types of preparatory courses which are as follows:
    • GRE on demand
    • GRE classroom anywhere
    • GRE classroom on site
    • GRE one-on-one
    It is evident from the names themselves that the courses offered by Kaplan meet all requirements of candidates. For example if you want to study from your home then you can either opt for 'GRE on demand' or 'GRE classroom anywhere'. Moreover, the study materials they provide are quite exhaustive and are developed by the institute itself. The instructors employed by Kaplan are also highly skilled as well as experienced. Thus, if you want a course that provides support not only with your preparation but also with the registration then you could consider this institute.

  • : The courses offered by this institute are of 3 types. You can enroll in its live classroom sessions or study on your own with the help of a guide or enroll for one-on-one sessions with a tutor. The tutors employed by Manhattan Review themselves have scored a 99 percentile. So if you require skilled tutors to help you with your preparation then you could opt for one of the courses offered by this institute. Moreover, you can also take its free mock test to identify your strengths and weaknesses. So if you require experienced tutors and lots of practice then you could enroll in one of the courses offered by it.

The afore-mentioned list outlines the features of some better known institutes offering study courses for GRE. So select a course that you are comfortable with and start preparing!