Review Class for GRE

How to Select a GRE Review Class?

Preparation is the key to a high GRE score. You can prepare for the test by joining a review class, online classes or do self study. Joining classes for the preparation is the best option. In this method of preparation, you are in direct contact with your instructors and you study in a group. There will be competition when you study in a group. This will improve your performance. Tips and strategies will be given by your instructor based on your skills. The instructors will motivate you to get higher scores. Joining a review class saves a lot of time as the plan of study is already charted and the methodology they use is standardized over years of coaching.

There are many review classes for GRE available today. A good course is one which has

  • Good and experienced faculty
  • Good track record of high scores
  • Good study material
  • Many mock tests
  • Review sessions after the test

Before you enroll in a course, check the reviews of the course. If someone known to you has taken up the course, get first hand information about the course from that person. Check for the fee of the course. Some courses are very expensive. Check if the course is worth spending so much money. Some of the good review courses are discussed below.

Manhattan Prep -

Manhattan Prep offers a very good review class. Only those who have scored in the 99th percentile in the test are chosen as instructors. The instructors’ selection process is highly competitive and the chosen instructors are paid high remuneration. Once you join Manhattan Prep for the class, you can be sure that you are learning from the best instructors. The course has 9 sessions and each session is for 3 hours. Both Verbal and Quant topics are covered in each of the sessions. Apart from teaching test taking strategies and skills, mastering the content of the test is given importance.

8 Manhattan Strategy Guides and The Official Guide to the revised General Test of GRE are given as part of the course materials. Section Adaptive Practice Tests are given to make you aware of how the test will be. Assessment reports are given for the tests. Manhattan Prep's test course is a comprehensive course.

The Princeton Review - Good instructions and practice for the test is the highlight of Princeton Review's review class for GRE. The course is for 24 hours. 7 full-length mock tests will be administered. The instructor will personally review each of your tests to help you reduce your mistakes and score higher. Apart from the 24 hours of live instructions, you can access 90+ hours of online lessons. Feedback of your essay from a specialist in essays will be given to you. All the study materials are comprehensive.

The price of this course starts at $1199 and may be higher depending on your preferred location.

PowerScore - PowerScore offers 2 types of classroom courses.

  1. The PowerScore Full-Length GRE Course - Fees-$995
  2. The PowerScore Weekend GRE Course - Fees- $395

The PowerScore Full-Length GRE Course

This review course of PowerScore offers 30 hours of extensive coaching for the test. In this time, 10 lessons are covered. Of these 10 lessons, 5 are for the Math Sections and the other 5 are for the Verbal Sections. All the instructors have scored in the 99th percentile in the test. 3 practice tests are administered as part of this course. If you need homework help, hotline for the test is available which is free. Even in a classroom setting, personal attention is given to the students.

The PowerScore Weekend GRE Course

This course is for 16 hours and the course is completed in 2 weekends by instructors who have scored in the 99th percentile in the test. Course material and home work material are exhaustive. Personal attention is given to all the students.