GRE registration is the registration for the Graduate Record Examinations which is conducted by ETS (Education Testing Service). The general test examines your skills in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing. It is required for the test of students seeking admission in graduate courses in a large number of institutes in the world, which accept the score. Registering for the exam is the most important thing if you wish to appear for it as any mistake on this front would restrain you from taking your exam.

The registration includes filling of students personal particulars, selection of the format of the exam, exam center and the date of the exam. This also includes the payment of the fees. Other than the above information you are required to submit names of the colleges or universities where you want the score of the exam to be sent and the intimation of the same is sent to you.

Formats of the Exam

You may carry out the registration for the exam in any of the two formats available, i.e. CBT (Computer Based Test), or PBT (Paper Based Test). The information about the various test centers in your country and the format available at these centers is available in the official web site of ETS. If the Computer Based Test is not available in the test center in your country, you may take the examination in the Paper Based Test format. Depending upon the availably of the test format in your country you should register yourself.


As mentioned before, GRE is required for the admissions to a large number of colleges and universities in various countries. You should register yourself for this exam if you wish to get admission in a graduate course in an institute or college which accepts the test score. The score obtained in this exam has a validity period of five years. You are not required to take test again for admission if you have obtained a high score in this exam in the last two years. At the time of registration, you should mention the codes and names of the colleges and universities of your choice. ETS has the facility of reporting your  scores to these universities or colleges directly.


There are various modes available for  registration. The registration can be done online, on phone, by fax or through mail. The mode of registration will depend on whether or not that facility exists in your country and also on the format of exam that you choose. Before you register yourself for the exam, you should finalize the test center and the format of the exam. You should also confirm from the web site that the test center of your choice has the facility of conducting the exam in the format of your choice. The tests are conducted all round the year but it is advised that you take the test well before you wish to join a college. You should cater for the time that will be required to send your scores to the institutes of your choice.

It is recommended that you register for the exam well in advance so that you get the seat. The seats at the key test centers are limited and are allotted on the first come first served basis. Most of the students plan to appear in the months of September to December. If you wish to appear for the exam during the same time and you wish to be allotted the date and center of your choice, you should register well in advance. The preparation material provided at the time of registration will be useful if you register in advance. You should be very careful about the spellings of your name and the other vital information that is required. This should match the information in your identity proof else you will not be permitted to take the test. The information about the date of the exam, format of the exam, exam centers in your area etc. is available online on the official web site of ETS (

This registration can be done online at any time of the day and on any day of the week. If you are registering online, you should register at least one week before the test date. You can register later than this but only on the payment of a late fee. If you are registering on phone, you should register during the office hours and at least one week prior to the examination date. If you are registering by mail, it is advised that you register yourself at least four weeks in advance. This additional time is required by the authorities to post you the confirmation of your registration. The registration form for registration by mail is available online and can be downloaded from the internet. This form should reach the authorities minimum four weeks in advance. You can make the payment for registration through a debit card, a credit card or through a certified cheque. You can also make the payment by money order. There are some other forms of payment for PBT like UNESCO coupons etc.

Modification of Registration Information

You can alter the registration at a later stage, but that can be done only on payment of an additional fee. This however is allowed only up to ten days before the test date. You should provide the registration number and your full name at the time of the rescheduling or changing the registration for authentication. The change or rescheduling cannot be done by mail. It has to be done online or on phone during working hours.

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