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Selecting the correct GRE study material is the first most important thing about the test. Before deciding to buy any test material it is necessary to do a self evaluation and identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you feel you are good in the verbal section, then you can start off with that and move on to the quantitative section. The best idea would be to start off three months prior to when you take up the test and you can start off with the particular section that you feel you are good at. The practice questions will give you a good idea of what you would have to study. The new-type questions are included in the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections. You can make a group with your friends who are also preparing for the exam but if you feel like studying alone then get a good book or log on to some site which provides online study material. Books, software packages, online study materials etc are a few test materials available. The GRE flash cards help you to be aware of new words and plus it is also easy to memorise the vocabulary words. You can make your choice depending upon your requirements and constraints. To exemplify, if internet access is an issue, then the choice of any online study material has to be ruled out. If you want to study in a peer group, then go in for a combination of the test books and test software packs. You could also attend tutorials that help you to prepare for the test.

Some of the choices of GRE study materials are mentioned below:

Books are the traditional type of study material but still very effective for preparation. The flexibility of studying from a book is helpful for those who cannot travel to a coaching institute and for those who cannot access the internet. Numerous books are available in the market. Selection of a book can thus be a difficult task. It is better to choose two books for better practice and hence preparation. But before choosing a test book, make sure to check the following attributes like,

* The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms.

* The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms.

* A GRE book should be published by a reputed publishing house.

* Go through the reviews of the book on the internet.

* The test has three sections, one each on Quantitative ability, Verbal reasoning and Analytical Writing assessment. Make sure that the book has enough content dedicated to each one of these sections.

* Also ensure that the book has enough practice questions.

* There should be a CD along with the test book. The CD should contain sample tests with explanations and the computer adaptive format of the exam.

* Make sure that you buy the latest version of the book.

These books are available in your local bookstore or on online sites like and Some of the well known books in the market are GRE: Practicing to Take the General Test by ETS, Kaplan's GRE Exam with CD -ROM, Barron's How to prepare for the GRE Test with CD-ROM, Princeton Review. Also included for the test is the Barron’s Essential Words for GRE, Kaplan’s Exam Math Workbook, Kaplan’s GRE Exam Vocabulary, Barron’s GRE Flash Cards, etc. Also, available is PDF test prep material from the official website, which includes questions in Analytical Section, Verbal Section, and Quantitative Section. Subject test prep material is also available in PDF format in for the test. These tests include subjects like Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Literature, etc.

There are a number of sites available on the web which offer online materials. These sites are paid sites, i.e. for a fee, you can avail of their online study material. You can add online aids to your self-study schedule. These sites provide comprehensive course materials with the advantage of an online tutor available 24 hours. These sites also provide a lot of sample question papers which are patterned on the real life tests. Taking these mock tests will give you a taste of the real exam. These practice sessions also give you an idea of time management while taking the exam. Some of the web sites are Kaplan's,, Peterson's, Above all, do not ignore the original site which offers sample questions, GRE bulletin etc. There are podcasts as well as audio books  to study for the test.

There is a free software POWERPREP prepared by ETS itself which contains practice questions from the previous tests. This software includes two computer based tests, samples of Analytical Writing topics, essays and test taking tactics etc. This software is provided to you free when you register for the test. Study material is available at the official website .You can practice the sample questions given on the three major sections of the test that are Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. A whole lot of test prep materials can be downloaded for you to practice. You can also order online the test prep book or from a bookstore. POWERPREP II software contains sample questions of the Verbal Section, Quantitative Section, and Analytical Writing. Test tips, the scores allotted to each section, examples of essays are all included. You can also improve your writing skills by practicing essays online and instantly getting scores for them and you get suggestions for enhancing your writing skills. There is a range of interactive questions that you can take up. The scores for your attempt will be allotted and you get feedback immediately with the answers. Your strong and weak points are also stressed upon with ways to improve them.

LitGEEK podcast features an overall view of literary terms, which is a part of the test syllabus. It definitely helps to be aware of critical theories and methods such as Marxism, feminism, structuring, etc. You can score easily in the test if your literary skills are good.

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