Exam Dates for GRE

How to Select GRE Exam Dates

GRE or the Graduate Record Examinations is taken by prospective candidates who want to pursue graduation in colleges of the USA. This examination underwent a number of changes in the year 2011 and was rechristened as GRE Revised General Test. This examination is held in 700 test centers located in 160 countries, worldwide.

This test is designed to examine your proficiency in critical analysis, quantitative prowess and analytical writing. Since, the score you get in this examination is the most important part of your admission portfolio, selecting exam dates is of paramount importance. Certain points that you must take into account while selecting suitable dates are discussed in the following section.

Points to Remember While Selecting Exam Dates

The  dates that you select will be critical in the entire admission process. Admission in a college in USA can be a long drawn process (especially for students living outside the country) and hence proper selection of test dates becomes very important. Thus, when you select a  date remember the following points.

The  dates that you select should not clash with the admissions date of the colleges you want to apply to. Since you will have to mention the names of 4 colleges where you want to send your scores during the registration process, ensure that you have found out the correct last date of admission for all the colleges.

While selecting a test date ensure that you have sufficient buffer time. This is necessary because it takes nearly 10 to 15 days to receive your test score. Thus, when you select the test date ensure that you have sufficient time in hand to receive the score and send them to various colleges.

For candidates appearing for the Paper-based examination, it will take 6 weeks for you to receive your score (i.e., see it online). So when you select a test date ensure that you have kept this time gap in mind.

Before you select GRE test dates ensure that the examination is held in the test center convenient to you. All test centers do not hold all the examinations under GRE, so selection of test dates should be done accordingly.

Your scores will be valid for 5 years. However, colleges prefer scores that are not more than 2 years old. So when you plan the  dates try and choose the ones towards the end of a calendar year. This will ensure that you can use your scores for the maximum possible time.

If you are appearing for subject tests then ensure that you choose the  dates accordingly. Moreover, the admission dates for different departments of a college maybe different. Find out about specific admission dates before you select a test date.

The afore-mentioned list provides some pointers that you should take into account while choosing exam dates. However, there are some other facts about dates that you must know before selecting a test date, which are discussed in the following section.

Some Facts about GRE Exam Dates

You can appear for the examination only 5 times in a year. Moreover, you can appear for the test only after 60 days of your previous test date and this rule is applicable even if you have cancelled your previous score. So select a test date keeping this in mind and it is always better to ace the test in the first chance.

Most candidates prefer a test date from September to December and so most test centers get booked early in these 4 months. So if you want a date from September to December you must register for the test as early as possible. Moreover, late registration means not only paying a hefty late fine but also difficulty in getting your most preferred test date. To know more about registering for the test click on the following link: http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/register This link will also provide details about the upcoming test dates. So select a date and register early so that you are assured of a seat in your preferred test center and start preparing for the examination.