The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) test is very important for getting an admission to a graduate school in the US, the UK, Canada and in many other leading countries. This test is a little difficult test but you can make it easy through the right kind of preparation. One can achieve his desired score in the test if he puts in a little extra effort. There are various ways to prepare for the test. You can either join a coaching institute or appoint a private tutor for yourself. But it is not a must. Adequate study materials and religious self study can make you score high in the test. Preparation materials are available in the form of study guides and software. The preparation software is a good supplement to your study guides and can add value to your preparation. This software can be instrumental in improving your score. Various software for GRE is available at various web sites. Let us see some of the pros and cons of the use of  software.

GRE Prep Software

A preparation software is designed to teach you various concepts required for test preparation. This software generally contains information about all the sections of the exam. It also includes test taking strategies which are essential for attempting standardized tests like the GRE. The test is conducted in a paper-pen format as well as in a computer adaptive format. Most of you would be taking the test on the internet. You need to therefore be familiar with the computer based pattern of the exam. Free software can be especially useful for you to practice taking the test on the net.

Preparation courses at coaching institutes are quite expensive and one requires $600 to $1000 for a course. If you do not wish to join a coaching institute then free online software  is a better option for you to prepare for the test. There are a number of web sites that offer free online software for the test. Some of them are listed below:

Free online software is also available for the individual sections of the test. Most of the students for whom English is not a native language, face difficulties in attempting the verbal section of the test. For all those students, free verbal software can help to improve their vocabulary and thus improve their score at the verbal section of the test. Free verbal software is designed to teach you how to memorize maximum English words and how to analyze different components of a sentence. Free software is also available for the math section of the test. It teaches you various concepts of math based on algebra, geometry, number theory, data analysis, graphs etc.

Most of the leading coaching institutes also provide preparation software to their students. Educational Testing System (ETS) also provides you with free software for GRE when you register for the test. This software is considered to be the best as it is provided by the organizers and developers of the test. It offers you a number of practice questions and a couple of test papers which are close to the actual test. The software provided by the ETS is highly recommended for preparing for the test.

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