Selection of  Proper Test Dates for the GMAT

How GMAT test dates should be selected

What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT is an exam whose scores buy you the ticket to the best B-schools in USA, UK and all over the world. It is a computer-based or a paper-based competitive exam, which allows you to display your basic skills of vocabulary, critical thinking and mathematical reasoning. The Graduate Management Admission Council or the GMAC administers this test in more than 530 centers over 110 countries. These scores are considered by the B-schools as a primary requirement for an admission along with other criteria. Many dates are available on which you can take the test and you can choose one as per your convenience and comfort. You need to log in to the official website: and follow the instructions provided in this article, to know the dates available for taking up the test.

What are the steps to know about the GMAT dates?

Following are some simple steps you need to perform to get your exam date:

Step 1: Register

In order to start your registration you first need to register yourself and make a GMAT account following this link: Fill in all the relevant fields like your email ID, a chosen password, selecting a security question and the dates you want to start your MBA planning. Click the ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ checkbox after going through the terms and conditions. Once you are done, filling these up, you will get a confirmation mail in your email ID.

Step 2: Check your mail

This is an important step as you have to be sure about your registration. Check your email ID and find out whether your registration has been successful.

Step 3: Select your test center

You will get the available test dates only when you specify your test center for GMAT. At first, log in to your GMAT account at Once you have logged in, you need to find out a test center convenient for you. The following link: lets you find the test center. You have to fill in the relevant fields. Provide the number of test centers you want, your country name, address, city and ZIP code. Once you have entered all details, hit the ‘search’ bar below the ZIP code field.

Step 4: Select your test dates:

When the search is over and the test centers are found, the number of test centers available for GMAT is listed in a box, below the search bar. The names of the test centers will appear together with other information like distance, state/province where it belongs, the city and the country where it is located. Fill in the checkbox beside the center/centers you would like to avail. Then scroll down until the end of the webpage and then click ‘next’ for getting your test dates.

Step 5: Find your test dates:

After you hit ‘next’, the website would direct you to the next step where you will get to see the available dates beside each available test centers. All the dates in the calendar in the current month, which appears in a box, are the days on which the particular center is holding the GMAT. You can change the month and find out the available test dates. For finding the appointment time for a particular date, click on that day. For example, if you wish to take your exam on 17th of September, you need to click on 17th September to get information regarding test availability and timing.

You will get enough test dates, which will suit your schedule. The GMAT is conducted almost everywhere round the globe and it is the most demanded exam by candidates aiming to pursue an MBA degree. The exam can be fixed almost on every day of a calendar month for further relief to the candidates. To get your test dates simply follow the given steps.