Reviews of Classes for GMAT

The Best GMAT Prep Classes for you!

The GMAT scores are as important as answering the test, if you want to get admission in the top tier business or management schools. While one can do a self-study, enrolling for a preparatory class can give you the advantage of preparing for the test under expert guides, many of them are not only highly experienced but have also been high scorers themselves. The tips and strategies provided by the tutors will definitely give you the extra edge over self-study. Some of the best classes, which have proved to be successful masters in getting the best out of their students, are given below:

  • Veritas Prep-GMAT:

    Many find these classes a little too expensive. If money is not a constraint then these are the best classes you could invest on, as these include a longer course of duration of 42 hours. Besides the traditional classrooms there are also other options available such as private tutoring, GMAT live online etc. All the Veritas classes are rigorously comprehensive that will help you reinforce your basics before moving onto more advanced concepts.

  • Knewton GMAT Prep Online:

    Knewton’s GMAT prep online is convenient for students who cannot attend the traditional type of classrooms as the course is offered online. Another key feature of this course is the adaptive learning wherein the course is personalized according to your requirements. The 36 hour course gives you practice with more than 3400 questions. In spite of being new, it has definitely made its mark.

  • Manhattan GMAT Prep Classes:

    The Manhattan GMAT prep classes claim that they are for those students who want to achieve top scores. Since the curriculum is designed around the Official Guide of GMAT Review, you can expect the practice questions close to the actual test. With lots of test-taking tips and strategies, this prep class is bound to give you the desired results.

  • 800 score Complete GMAT Prep Package:

    With highly experienced tutors the 800 score GMAT prep classes are extensively comprehensive and definitely easy on the pockets. Their 24 hour tutorial support enables you to clear your doubts as early as possible. Besides the large number of practice questions, they also offer 5 GMAT Computer-adaptive tests which simulate the actual test. The use of test pacer is another distinctive feature of 800 score, as, most often students underperform due to lack of pacing strategies. The use of E-rater helps to assess your writing skills.

  • GMAX Online:

    This is again an online class which is formatted around the Official Guide for GMAT review. It provides over 60 hours of online lessons which you can go over and over again and there are also 8 full length practice tests in the computer-adaptive format. At a reasonably affordable price, the GMAX Online is a boon to those who need to walk the tight rope between work and studies as it allows the test taker to structure the preparation at their own pace.
    Preparing for GMAT can be a cake walk if you are focused and persistent on your commitment. Enrolling for a course can not only give you the much needed boost to remain disciplined and focused but it can also help you achieve the target scores to get admitted to your dream school.