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The Graduate Management Aptitude Test or GMAT is an almost mandatory requirement for aspirants seeking to join a B-school for a graduate business program. The test aims at testing the aptitude of an aspirant and measure whether or not he is fit for business school and its rigors. The test is a computer adaptive test (CAT) which means that it is based on individual aptitude and no two test takers appear for a similar set of questions. As you proceed in the exam the levels of difficulty of the questions increase or decrease in accordance with the answer of the previous question. The highest score that can be achieved in the test is 800. It is marked from 200-800, and at an average most students score between 450 and 650. Top B-schools usually have a cut-off of an 80 percentile, which corresponds to a 700 score in the GMAT.

Comprehensive information about the exam is available on the official website at . It contains every bit of information that an aspirant is looking for with regard to the test, B-school applications and it also has an online store for students to purchase study materials from. In case the website boggles you with too much data, we have sorted the important information for you to read about and get a clearer picture.


The test is conducted all year-through and you can take a re-test only after 31 days of your previous test date. The exam costs $250 to aspirants in the US and a little over that to international aspirants. You can schedule your exam at any time of the year you please at or via mail or fax. The automated software will suggest to you the nearest possible dates and you can you’re your choice. It’s advisable to pick dates keeping in mind adequate prep time and the deadlines for the first round of B-school application submissions. The exam has been administered by the GMAC since 1954, and all the frequently asked questions are available on their website


There are three ways of registering for the test, either online or the phone or via postal mail/fax. Information on registering can be accessed from the bulletin available at the official website You need to select an appropriate test center from the test center list and then 4-5 suitable dates will be made available to you. You can make the payment either by credit card, cashier’s check, money order or debit card. Once this is done, you will be allotted your official test details and you can start your preparation.


Preparation for the test can be a less stressful task if you prioritize your time and plan well in advance about the sections that need most attention. From the three sections of the assessment, namely, AWA, Quantitative and Verbal sections, the aspirant should decide what to lay maximum focus on in case that is his weaker section. The GMAT Prep software available on the official website can be downloaded for free and aspirants can take the two simulated tests to understand what they need to work on in terms of test preparation. Adequate guidance on prep material is available on official websites of prep industry names like Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan GMAT and Princeton Review. Aspirants can take ample advantage of these and chart out their prep plans.

Focus and not haste and panic are what aspirants should depend on while seeking to score well in the test. Getting the right details on courses, preparation and scheduling of test dates keeping in mind application deadlines and prep time are elements the aspirant should always remember.