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The Most Useful GMAT Forums for Your Prep

Forums are a great way to have your queries resolved. These days there are several forums available on the Internet wherein you can post your queries on a particular topic and have your questions answered. You can start a thread that can be followed and updated by others. Most of these are public forums and require you to sign up. The sites allow free registration following which you can post your questions and answer others’ queries online.

The official website has its own forum called “The Official GMAT Blog”. The forum is intended for candidates preparing for the test so that they can gather as much information as they can about the developments, both before the test and after the test. Although most of the topics posted are generic, they add value to your perception about B-schools and a career thereafter because the results are based on research conducted by GMAC. Some of the other popular discussion panels are described in this article.

  • The Beat the GMAT Social Network

    This network is one of the popular forums available online and is a store of information. The forum site is categorized into varied topics that range from posts on verbal, quantitative, essay, reasoning, etc to strategies, learning about the application process, and other announcements. What makes this GMAT forum site unique as compared with others is that the forum includes experts on GMAT who can answer your queries. By registering yourself as a member on this site, you can connect with experts from Kaplan, Knewton, Manhattan, Veritas, Grockit, and so on.

    The link to this forum is as follows:

  • GMAT Forum

    Popularly known as the “gmatclub”, this site has an index that has sections based on the following topics: strategies, experience, math, verbal, and experts. The forums are further partitioned into sub-forums that target a specific area of interest. The highlight of this forum is that you have access to experts who can answer your queries. The expert sub-forum includes the best in GMAT, such as Kaplan and Knewton. This is the most popular of panels, which is evident by the number of posts. This forum site displays an events calendar that is helpful to keep track of any test related events you might want to participate in. As with all other sites, this forum requires you to register and login as a user.

    The link to this forum is as follows:

  • The Urch TestMagic Forum

    This site is user-friendly because from the moment you access its page, it guides you through creating an account and finding other information on the website. The site has tabs that help you to navigate through the website. The site allows you to browse its content without registering or creating an account. However, it is essential that you create an account if you want to make a post or download information from the site. The site has various other forums in addition to this. The panel discusses all the topics included in the exam that will raise your score. The site refers to conversations, discussions or any posts as “threads”.

    The interface is user friendly because it segregates topics within defined dialogs on one side of the page. You can scroll down the page to check the topics and the few listed posts. The other part of the page lists the new posts on the site. It also includes an icon legend to help you understand the icons used on the site. The discussions on this site also have sub-forums that tackle specific topics in detail. For example, sentence correction, quantitative analysis, and reading comprehension.

    All forums are controlled by moderators so that the forum site rules are not violated. This avoids any untoward incidences or postings on the site. The site lists the essential rules that you need to agree to before registering yourself on the forum. The Urch is a popular forum, which is evident through its thread count, over 50,000 posts.

    The link to this forum is as follows: