Information Regarding The GMAT

A Detailed Guide to GMAT Exam

What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT is a standardized admission exam for a graduate degree in MBA. The test is administered in more than 530 test centers across 110 countries and more. The exam is considered as a mandatory requirement for an MBA course. More than 4800 programs in 83 countries treat the GMAT score as admission criteria. The test examines your verbal aptitude, your analytical skills and your mathematical knowledge. It is a competitive exam available in both the paper-based format and the computer-adaptive format. The Graduate Management Admission Council or the GMAC conducts the exam. The test is an evaluation of your basic management skills, which you will need for an advanced course in management.

What is the test structure?

The test framework consists of three main parts, namely the Analytical Writing Assessment Section, Quantitative section and the Verbal section. Each of these sections needs a detailed study.

How do you prepare?

You need to start preparing early and you need to practice as much as you can. Practice as many sample questions you can, to get a hold of the test format. Review your performances and recheck your weaknesses. You can download the free test prep software from You can go through some relevant study pointers at In addition, you can purchase the ‘retired’ questions for the paper-based exam at Finally, you can buy GMAT Write, where an online widget trains you for the analytical assessment.

How do you get your scores in GMAT?

The overall exam generates four types of scores, namely, verbal, quantitative, total (verbal and quantitative) and analytical writing assessment score. These scores appear in the score reports. You can select five B-schools where you can send your score. How the schools use your score for an admission is described in If you wish to cancel your score, then click for details.

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There is a variety of information about the test which can be helpful to you. For knowing about the next generation GMAT, follow If you wish to read FAQs about the test, then go to, take a tour about the expected events on the test day in and if you schedule an appointment you should try Finally, if you want to know about the test-takers’ experience, then go to, which is the official blog. Do not miss the information bulletin at for a detailed data on the test procedure. If you are really aiming for completing an MBA course, then GMAT is the apt option for you.