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GMAT i.e. Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer based exam which is created and administered by the Pearson VUE. GMAT is mandatory for admission in US schools of MBA program. It is a standardized exam in English to assess students' performance academically for the MBA program. Students who wish to get enrolled in American business management universities have to undergo the test and need to know everything about the test. The scores are used by the managements of graduate schools to take decisions on admission. These test scores are valid for five years. This test gives a fair picture of an applicant's analytical and verbal skills which he should have developed over a long period of time during his education and which is a prerequisite for performing well in an MBA program

The organization called the Graduate Management Admission Council i.e. GMAC began in 1953, as an association of nine business schools, whose aim was to develop a standardized test to help management committee of MBA schools to list out the deserving candidates. Initially, the test was used in admission by 54 schools, and today it is used by more than 1500 MBA schools and 1800 programs. Till December 2005 ETS i.e. Educational Testing Services used to administer GMAT. On 1st day of January 2006 GMAC transitioned vendors to a combination of ACT Inc, which develops the test, and Pearson VUE which delivers the exam. The official site is www.GMATSchoolServicesAmerica@pearson.com and you can get complete information about the test on this web site. The mailing address is Pearson VUE

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What is GMAT CAT ?

GMAT is no more a paper-pen test but is a computer adaptive test which can be given on any working day. It is therefore called the GMAT CAT exam. Let us see all about GMAT CAT. In a computer-adaptive test, the computer screen displays one question at a time, which is chosen from a very large pool of questions based on the content and difficulty level. The first question is of medium difficulty and then the computer adaptive test adjusts the level of further questions based on the answer given by the candidate for the previous question. This procedure is followed till it leads the candidate to difficult questions and helps him in scoring. In this exam, the candidate can not skip a question nor can he change the answer of a question. It takes 3-1/2 hrs to complete the test. There are approximately 400 test centers around the globe.

Complete knowledge about the test is important in the following ways:-

  • It helps you in building your quantitative, analytical and verbal abilities according to the syllabus of the exam.
  • The more your knowledge about the test is, the more are your chances of achieving your aim of getting into the college of your choice.
  • Preparation for the test according to the syllabus is very important for your future class performance.
  • Knowledge can also help you to some extent in overcoming any shortcomings in your work
It does not cover your knowledge of business, your job skills, and your subjective qualities i.e. motivation, creativity and your personal skills.

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