Online GED Programs

Online GED Programs for Prep Help

It is a fact well known that you can take the test only at the official testing centers. Though you cannot take the actual test online, the internet is a remarkable tool for your preparation. Taking online programs helps you to learn and prepare for the test more effectively.

You can find free as well as paid online preparation programs and study materials. An online program becomes effective only if it is comprehensive in all respects. That is, the program must include updated study materials, instructions and practice tests that are useful for taking the test successfully. It is better to make a fine search over the internet before choosing an online program. This article talks about a few of the best programs available online.

ACE GED Testing Service

GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education (ACE) offers the best study materials and practice questions online, when compared to the other programs. This website provides excellent online preparation materials for each subject area in the test battery. It also provides additional online study materials and sample questions. The official practice tests available at this website can be taken online. In fact, these are the most reliable practice tests that you can take to improve your confidence level before sitting for the actual test.

Steck Vaughn

Steck-Vaughn offers online resources and practice tests for preparation for all the content areas. The WIN Online Courseware of this company is an easy-to-use staff-assisted/self-directed online program that is helpful in preparing for GED, WRC and NCRC credentials. This is one of the best programs that offer interactive lessons and dynamic practice materials with 24 hours online support.

Kentucky Educational Television (KET)

  • Kentucky Educational Television (KET) offers GED connection program ( for the residents of Kentucky who are willing to take the test. This service offers videos and workbooks, using which you can prepare for the test from the comfort of your home. You can view these programs online also via the KET website
  • It offers learning modules and practice tests for everyone outside Kentucky through the website. It also offers test information and sample questions for each subject area of the test at the website

Paxen Learning Corporation

Paxen Learning Corporation offers a unique preparation program known as "GED Prep Xcelerator". This award-winning program is available in both on-campus and online options. This is one of the best programs that offer excellent service using skilled instructors and effective learning materials.

Other Online GED Training Services

Online programs are also offered by other GED training services, such as ExpertRating (, GED Academy ( and ( These training services offer free or paid study materials, sample questions and practice tests. offers a practice test for free.

Since many online programs are available, you must be careful to choose a program that is offered by a professional and legitimate company. Those that are listed-above can definitely help you prepare well for the test, thus increasing your chances of passing the test with a good score. The online study materials available at the Testing Service of ACE is the most recommended one. However, the preparation materials of Steck-Vaughn, KET and Paxen Learning Corporation are also approved by ACE. Finally, it is recommended that you choose an online study program that suits your needs and budget perfectly.