Online GED Class

How to Make the Most of an Online GED Class

With so much advancement in technology and with information being so widely spread, even teaching has moved to the internet. This makes it easily accessible and convenient. Nowadays you can find instructions on any sort of skill or area of knowledge on the internet. Thus, if you want to prepare, you can enroll in an online class to solve this purpose, which can be paid or free.

How to Make the Most of an Online GED Class

Enrolling in the classes will surely help you pass the test and become the holder of a diploma only if you make the most of these classes. One thing that students very often tend to ignore is self-study. You will not gain anything from any preparatory classes till you start studying on your own. Self-study will maximize your understanding of the course subjects and will highlight your weaknesses which can then be resolved by consulting your instructor. Other than that, do access all the study materials that are provided to you and give as many mock tests as you can.

Online GED Classes

There are a lot of benefits associated with joining an online class rather than a physical coaching center. The restrictions of time and place are done away with. You are saved from time wasted in commuting from home to coaching center and back. Most training programs let you plan your own study schedule and pace your own preparation. You can enroll into an online class with any of the reputed test preparation companies discussed below.

PBS Literary Link (

This is the website recommended by ACE i.e. American Council on Education if you are planning to prepare for the exam online by enrolling in an online class. Thus, this is probably the first preference of many students when they think of enrolling in the class. This is an initiative of the University of Pennsylvania and is funded by the US government. The aim of this venture is to provide access to adult education to as many people as possible. The site creates virtual classrooms where you receive instructions on the correct way to study for the test. Teachers give lectures on various topics of the test and teach you how to attempt the test. Apart from video lessons, there are practice tests as well as quizzes and activities which aim to make your learning experience enjoyable.

GED For Free (

This is a free site which provides online classes on the various subjects comprising the battery tests. It has useful tips on how to attempt the test as well as information related to maximizing your total score. There are a large number of practice questions related to each subject if you need to concentrate on one particular subject. You can also test your overall preparation by taking full length mock tests. The site provides you with a portal where you can seek guidance from a tutor if you have doubts in any of the subjects of the test.

Online Training Institute (

This website offers specialized training services to students planning to appear for the test. They run individual subject courses for all five subjects-Language Arts: Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Language Arts: Reading-priced at $75 per subject. Registering for all five courses costs $300 with a discount of $75. Once registration and payment has been processed, the administrators of the site will send you your log in information. Logging in will provide you with access to all the resources that this institute provides which includes video lessons, virtual classrooms, practice material, mock tests, etc.

Practice 4 GED (

This is another popular website for taking an online class. This site is paid though it has some free practice materials and tests too. You can take a mock test to know how well you'll do in the actual test. The website has different plans which have different prices. The 30-day plan costs $19.95, 60-day plan costs $34.95 and the 90-day plan costs $44.95. Choose a plan which is suitable for you.