Some Points To Remember About The GED

Steps Involved in Obtaining a GED Certification

The test is very useful for those of us who have not been able to complete high school education. Getting the certificate is very simple.

Research about the Test

Researching about the test is the first step. The 5 different subjects that will be tested have to be known and understood. The format of the questions and the duration of the test have to be understood. Most of the questions are in the multiple-choice questions. But essay writing is there in Literary Arts and different types of questions are there in Mathematics.

Learn about the Rules in the Particular Center

Each center has different eligibility criteria and rules for the test. The center administrator will be the best person to give the details. The fees, age eligibility, languages of the test have to be taken into consideration before selecting the test center. The test is available in English, Spanish and French. Some centers may not administer the test in all the three languages. It is better to know about the languages available for testing before you start preparing.

Learn about the Accommodations If Required

There are accommodations for the physically and mentally challenged individuals. If such an accommodation is required, the requisition form has to be sent to the administrator as early as possible. Each case is reviewed individually before granting the special requirement.


Preparation is the key to success. There are lots of coaching classes available online. Many of the testing centers have classes for preparation. Coaching classes' attendance is a must in some of the centers. Local libraries also have many books for preparation.

Practice Test

Before and after preparation, a practice test is a must. This will let us know where we stand. Taking a practice test is very important. In some centers it is compulsory to take up a practice test before the real test.


The next step is to register. The test can be taken only at a testing center. It cannot be taken online. The nearest center can be located at by keying in the Zip code. Some states require registration to be made in person at the testing center. Registration can be completed by paying the fees and presenting an ID card that has been issued by the state. A local residence proof is compulsory.

Passing Requirements

There are 5 subjects that are tested. These are Literary Arts - Reading, Literary Arts - Writing, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. All the subjects are scored between 200 and 800. A minimum of 410 in each of the subjects and a minimum total of 2250 is required to pass the test. Scoring more than 2250 totally but getting a score of less that 410 in any of the subjects means a fail in the test. Retest can be taken in one or all of the subjects. A retest fee is charged by the center.

Getting the Certificate

The results for the test are mailed within 6-8 weeks of the test. One can go to the center personally or contact them over phone for the results. Some centers publish the results online. Each state gives its diploma certificate. The format of the certificate varies from state to state. But the value of the certificate is the same. This certificate is considered as an equivalent to the high school diploma. Once the certificate is received, higher studies can be pursued.