Get a GED Diploma

How to Get GED Certified

 This is a set of tests that enable adults who have not completed formal education, training to prove their high schools level academic skills and abilities. You should note that it cannot be taken online and that you cannot obtain a certification by appearing for the test online. In order to get the certification you must appear for the test through dedicated testing centers. There are over 3,400 dedicated testing centers around the globe for people to appear for and get a certification. All necessary information about rules and regulations, preparing for the test is available on the official website ( ).  Every person who aspires to get the certificate should thoroughly read all the information provided on the official website so as to avoid any future inconvenience. You will find below the steps on how you should apply, appear and clear the test.

A. How You Should Look for Testing Centers around You

There are a lot of fraudulent, online tests available to prospective test takers. You should be aware that if you take such tests you do not get the certificate. The test is only conducted in dedicated testing centers and candidates in the USA or Canada should look for testing centers by visiting the following link When you click on the mentioned link you will be re-directed to a webpage that will prompt you to fill in the postal code of the location you live in. By doing so you will receive search results of the testing centers in your location where you can take the test. People from USA and Canada can alternatively also conduct an advanced search to find testing centers. This would require you to fill in more information than just the postal code of your locality. To read more about the same visit the following website: The more information you provide in the search criteria, the easier it will be for you to look for a testing center. People who are looking for international testing centers should visit the following website: They will be required to fill in some necessary details to search for testing centers in their locality. You should call up the local testing center and find out more details about the test. Always ensure that you have checked the testing center's working hours before you pay the center a personal visit.

B. How You Must Prepare for the Test

The test is made up of sections like Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts-Reading and Language Arts-Writing. The Writing test includes a task of writing an essay. It is made up of a total of five separate tests in different disciplines that enable a test taker to prove their high school level competencies. All necessary information about what material you should use to prepare for the test and how you should  prepare is available at the following website: website also gives you names of the official publishers for the study material.

C. About Your GED Test Scores

The test returns two scores to test takers. One is the standard score that a test taker has achieved on the test. The other is a percentile rank which lets the test taker compare his score with other test takers. Your transcript will be provided to you by your local testing center. You should get in touch with your testing center to find out more details. To know more about the same visit the following website:

If you work hard enough and set your mind, it should be a relatively easy task. You should feel no shame in asking for help to prepare for the test should you need it. Go through all the content of the test prior to beginning your studies for the test.