Essential Features Of GED Test Centers

Where Can You Take the GED

This is an opportunity for you to obtain an equivalent of a US high school diploma. Many universities and colleges accept this certification and recognize it as an equivalent to a high school diploma. The subjects that are covered in the exam are language, social studies, science and mathematics. If you pass the exam, it means that you have the aptitude of a high school student who passed and obtained a diploma. Almost everyone is eligible. If you missed your chance to get a regular high school diploma due to any reason, this test could be your opportunity to rectify this. This article will tell you about where you can take the exam, the testing sites in USA and in countries outside USA.

Where Can You Take the GED?

You can take the test only at an official test center. You are not permitted to take the exam online. Such an exam will not provide you with valid certification. Testing centres are located in many countries all over the world. You can find the center of your choice in any of the following ways:

1. In USA, Canada and Their Territories:

In USA and Canada, there are more than 3000 official sites. If you want to take the exam in the USA, Canada or in one of their territories, you can visit At this site, you can enter the zip code of your residence or of the location of your choice. You will be given the address and telephone number of the nearest center. These sites in the USA and Canada are operated by school boards, colleges, etc.

Once you have found the center of your choice, you should call and confirm the location, date and timing of the actual exam. In case you are not satisfied with the testing site allotted to you, you can call the number provided, and ask them if they have any other testing site nearby. This is because the website does not provide a complete list of all the centers. You also need to call and confirm whether you can actually take the test at that center or not. In some states there are restrictions placed on where you can take the exam. For instance, you may be permitted to take it only in the county where you have your residence.

2. Outside the USA and Canada:

Prometric manages around 200 centers in countries other than USA, Canada. You can visit the official website and read through the list of countries and locations, where the international sites are provided. Once you have selected a center, you should contact the Regional Registration Center (RRC) of your country of residence. The Regional Registration Center will help you with the registration information and procedure. This information will not be provided to you by the test centers.

The certification that you will obtain through one of the international sites will actually be issued from the US Sate of Maine. This is because the certification is issued by one of the states in the USA and not by the testing sites. The link you can use to get the information is You can also contact Prometric by fax (410.537.1421) or email (

If you are determined to take the exam and obtain the certification, there is no reason you should not be able to do it. Use the information given in this article and find the testing site of your convenience.