GED Test Date

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GED Test Date And Schedules

At the time of registration, the candidate will be asked to fill his choice of test date and in case it is not available, the candidate can give the second choice of date. The candidate will be allotted two dates of test. The candidate will have to appear for tests 1 and 3 that includes Language Arts/ Writing and Mathematics on the first test date. On the second date, the candidate will have to appear for the tests 2, 4 and 5 i.e. Language Arts / Reading, Science and Social Science.

If due to some unavoidable circumstances, the candidate is unable to appear for the test on the given date, he can get the cancellation done by calling up the concerned authorities. The candidate will have to intimidate the authorities regarding the cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the test. If the candidate doesn’t get it cancelled, then he will be charged the rescheduling fee. The tests are conducted in the official test centers only.

GED Test Date For Retesting

The candidate who has successfully cleared the test will not be allowed to sit for the re-test. It can be taken only by those who have not been able to clear in the first attempt. The retest can be taken after a time gap of six months. The time gap can be changed if the chief examiner feels so. It is issued only after the candidate undergoes the required preparation needed in the subject in which he wishes to take the retest.

While taking the test, the candidate must carry all the required documents along. Although the candidate will be provided with all the test material which includes stationary and a solar calculator, to be on the safer side the candidate should also carry his own calculator, pencil, eraser and a few eatables.

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