Receiving GED Scores Online

How Are GED Results Declared?

This test cannot be taken online. It can be taken only at a registered testing center. It is of great help to those who are unable to continue high school due to various reasons. This test helps them to pursue higher education or rise in their career.

After an exam is taken up, the test-taker is very anxious about the results. All of them who take up a test want to pass the test. The anxiety over the marks they score can be relieved only after they get the results.

The results are declared at the individual centers and can be viewed online as well. You need not go to the center or wait for a mail from the center about your results, as you can view them online. Most of the examinees will be working individuals. If they have to go to the center to get their results, a lot of time is wasted. Publishing the scores online is very useful for these candidates.

It is the easiest and the fastest way to get your results. If that is not possible then you can get your results by mail.


Since all test centers do not publish the results online, you have to first contact your respective testing center for the availability. Each testing center has different websites where the scores will be available. You have to contact the testing center for the website. On the webpage, designated boxes are available where you have to fill in your first and last names. During the examination, a four-digit pin is given. This PIN number has to be entered in the box provided.

Form the drop-down menu, select the language you had chosen for the test. After you click on "Enter", your test results will be displayed. These scores can be printed out for your reference.

By mail

Usually within 6-8 weeks of taking up the test, the scores will be mailed to you automatically from the testing center. You can also contact the testing center directly to enquire about the results.

If you have taken up the test while you were in the military or in detention for a crime, you can visit the American Council on Education website, In the website, you can request for your transcript by clicking on the "Transcript Services". The button with "Transcript Services" can be accessed by clicking on "Programs and Service". Now you have to click on "Transcript Request Form". A form will be displayed to you. You have to fill up the form, print it and mail it to the "GED Testing Services". You will be charged $14 per transcript. You can also fax the form.

Passing the Test

To pass the test, you have to score a minimum of 410 in each of the 5 subjects and a total of 2250 or more. This means that, if your scores are 420 in each of the subjects, you pass the subjects individually but you have failed the test since your overall score is only 2100, which is less than 2250. On an average you have to score 450 in each of the subjects to pass. If you fail, you can take up the subject you have failed in or take up the whole test. There is a fee for the retest. This fee varies from center to center. Some centers require you to wait for a period of time, during which you have to attend preparatory classes before you take up the retest. Generally, you are allowed to take the test up to 3 times in a year.