Information For Candidates Taking The GED From San Diego

How to Get GED in San Diego?

A high school diploma or equivalent being the basic qualification requirement for all further education programs and employment opportunities, this is a widely taken and accepted credential among non graduating adults in the US. The test is administered across all the US states, territories, military regions and at international locations; and the testing policies vary depending upon the jurisdiction where you take the test. It is important that you have accurate information related to the requirements and criteria of your specific location/jurisdiction. Here is a summary of important information on the test.

GED in San Diego

The eighth largest city in the United States and the second largest in California, San Diego boasts of an impressive number of public schools, high schools, alternative schools, colleges and universities. With a vision of transforming public education to offer further studies opportunities for every student of 18 and above, the county places adequate focus on continuing and adult education initiatives, as well. The city being located in Southern California, all the CA GED testing policies apply for this test. Here is a list of the important jurisdictional policies and specific requirements.

  • To take this test, you must be a resident of California.

  • The minimum age requirement of taking this test is within 60 days of completing 18 years; those who are 17 years of age may be allowed to take the test, only if they meet specific criteria.

  • Test fees and retest fees are decided by individual test centers. As of now, the fee is around $150.00. English, French and Spanish are the three available language editions.

  • To pass, you should score a minimum of 410 in each of the five tests, with an average of 450 in all the tests and a 2250 in total.

  • Upon successful passing, you receive a California High School Equivalency Certificate.

  • For more information on jurisdictional policies of the state of California, you may check the official 'Testing Policies' page online ( You may also visit the California Department of Education web page (

Preparing for and Taking GED

Schedules are decided by individual test centers. The state office does not keep detailed information on the schedule of tests. You may need to contact the test center in your area for scheduling the test. Normally, the tests are conducted several times a year. A list of test centers in San Diego County can be accessed online at:

You may find a number of class programs and offline/online resources. You could also check the local libraries and bookstores for relevant titles.

Getting the GED Transcript

The transcripts are generally made available by mail. It takes almost two weeks to receive your results.

  • The results and credentials are sent directly from the state office to your mailing address. You cannot receive your results over phone.

  • If you have not passed the test or have not completed the test, you will still receive an unofficial transcript of the results.

  • If you are under 18, your transcripts can be mailed to you on your 18th birthday.

Just like many other US states and counties, San Diego, CA also has plenty of opportunities to continue your education with this test. With 95% of US educational institutions and 96% of US employers accepting these credentials as equivalent to high school diplomas, it is recommended that you make use of available opportunities and better your prospects!