GED Programs

Purpose of GED Testing Program

The test is conducted around the globe through dedicated testing centers. It is taken by such people who have not completed their formal education in high school. It is through these programs that they are able to prove their abilities and proficiencies of high school level skills and knowledge. All necessary information about the test is available on the official website at Anyone who wishes to sign up for the programs should ensure that he has thoroughly read all the information available on the official website. This article will simplify and explain the purpose of the test and help you understand the different sections and questions types on the test.

Whilst signing up, it is important for the test taker to know exactly what is expected of him. This is why he should familiarize himself with every aspect of the test as it will help him save much time on the test day.

The Main Sections of the Test

The test is divided into five main sections called Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts- Reading and Language Arts-Writing. Each of these sections contains different question types and number of questions. They have to be completed within the specified time limit. It is for this reason that a test taker taking up the exam should be well versed with the questions on the test so he can quickly and easily answer them without wasting much time on the day of the test. To read more about the sections of the test visit

What You Will Find in the Various Sections

1. Language Arts-Writing

This section is divided into two parts. The first part lasts 75 minutes and consists of 50 questions. Students are tested for their ability to correct, re-construct and re-arrange content in a grammatically correct manner. Questions are based on correction, revision and re-structuring of content. To read detailed information about the same visit The second part requires the test taker to write an essay. The test taker is allotted 45 minutes to complete this task. Detailed information and guidelines about this part of the test is available at Students should use the guidelines available on the website to prepare for the test.

2. Science

This section has 50 questions and lasts 80 minutes. It tests the test takers for knowledge in the discipline of chemistry, physics, earth and space sciences. Detailed information about the allotment of marks and the expectancy of skill in this section is explained on the website at

3. Social Studies

It consists of 50 questions, that have to be answered by the test taker in 70 minutes. The syllabus is divided as follows: 50% Geography, 40% History, 25% Civics and 20% Economics. There are differences of test content between the American and Canadian editions. To read detailed information about what is tested under this section visit the official website .

4. Mathematics

This section lasts for 90 minutes and consists of 50 questions to be answered by the test taker. Test takers usually require signing up for professional coaching in order to thoroughly prepare for this section of the test. The content includes numbers and operations, measurement and geometry, data analysis and algebraic functions. 80 percent of the questions on this section of the test are multiple-choice type questions whilst 20% of the questions require student produced answers. To read more about this section of the test visit

5. Language Arts- Reading

This part lasts for 65 minutes and the test taker is to answer 40 questions. The test takers are tested by presenting them with 75% literary text and 25% non-fictional text. The test takers are to read the content provided to them and answer the multiple choice questions that are directed accordingly. It primarily tests the test taker's ability to comprehend and interpret information that is provided to him.

It is not a tough feat to pass this test. Test takers around the world sign up and seem to have no difficulty preparing for the test. It all depends upon how much you have understood about the test and how hard you are willing to work.