This is something which measures the outcome of a high school education. Since the time it has been introduced, an estimated 15.4 million adults across the globe have taken and cleared the test. Before appearing for the test, it is mandatory for the candidate to get himself registered with the concerned authorities and thus undergo pre-test. In order to get good marks, the candidate can appear for the practice tests.

This is basically a shortened form of the main tests, which is designed to indicate whether the test taker is ready or not to appear for the main test. A number of practice tests help the candidate to acquaint himself with the actual test and the kind of questions that the candidate will have to solve. It is also important because, by answering the practice questions and by receiving the feedback from the instructor, the candidate will be able to develop the reading, writing, thinking and problem solving skills that are required to pass the main test.

It helps in evaluating the test takers' critical thinking skills. The practice tests are available online, on the official website, in the GED books, CD ROMs, a number of coaching institutes, colleges and universities where GED classes are conducted. A number of software have been designed which contain complete sets of tests for practice. Apart from English, it is also available in a few other languages such as French, Spanish etc. The visually impaired candidates can also undertake it with the help of Braille or tape recorders. A majority of the candidates prefer to undertake the paper and pencil test during preparation.

It helps in providing the real picture of the candidates readiness to learn and is also the most authentic predictor of how much the candidate will score in the main test.


It is made up of 50 multiple to be completed in 75 minutes. It makes the candidate practice on focusing on the main points only and thus avoid pit holes. By appearing in a number of practice tests, the candidate comes to know how to organize the sentence in a proper structure and create unity, choose the main information and thus answer the questions accordingly without wasting time on unnecessary information. The practice test also helps the candidate to choose the correct key words and thus attempt the questions accordingly by choosing the correct option out of the many given ones. It also helps the candidate become perfect in avoiding the trap of familiarity.

By this, the candidate comes to know how to attempt the writing part of the test. He is thus able to choose the correct vocabulary, style, tenses and punctuation. This test helps the candidate in developing the logical flow in the answer by dividing the writing into three parts i.e. introduction, body and conclusion.


It helps the candidate in practicing and cracking the difficult mathematical problems by applying simple algebra, formulas and some other common sense reasoning. Time management is the key to success as this practice test contains 50 questions to be completed in 90 minutes. Thus the more the candidate will undertake the practice test, the more perfect will he become in completing the main test within the given time limit.

Mathematics is one such subject, which a majority of students fear. Thus this test helps the candidate in overcoming the math fear, as it gives ample amount of practice to the candidate regarding the test and the testing situations. By taking a few practice tests, the candidate is able to gain confidence to take up the toughest of the mathematical problems and deconstruct the problem step by step. He also learns how to solve problems by using two or three different ways, keeping in mind his strengths and preferences. It is also useful as it helps in understanding the line plotting, using the right formulas at the right place and going through ratios and thus graphing for success.

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