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Take the help of the internet to look for practice questions that will help you to learn the skills that are being tested by each of the test sections. There are numerous websites that provide online practice tests. Some of these tests are provided free of cost, whereas other websites might charge you a nominal fee for access to the practice questions and tests. Make sure that you solve all such tests and questions. This will have a dual benefit. Not only will you be able to gain practice in problem solving, but you will also be able to do so from the comfort of your home, provided you have an internet connection and a computer at home!

GED Practice For Language Arts, Writing Part 1, 2

The test allows the examinees 75 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. In this test the skills that you will have to concentrate will include appropriate, accurate and complete responses to every part of the question. You must practice to concentrate and catch the nerve of the question. Mark the important words. Practice for organizing the wrongly given sentences in the right manner, proper arrangement of the range of sentence structure, both simple and compound. You should practice as to which type of modifier will be correct for a particular sentence.

In writing part 2, you will be given an essay related to a general topic and you will have to write on it in approximately 250 words. The time allotted to write the essay will be 45 minutes. Practice the writing keeping in mind a few points like, how many words you are expected to write, how long you should spend on writing the task so that you are left with some time to revise it afterwards, what you must include in your answer, what sort of things the examiner will be checking for. You should use your own ideas and support your arguments with examples and relevant examples. While undergoing preparation, learn how to divide your writing into three parts i.e. introduction, main body and conclusion, so that you can convey your thoughts in a proper and impressive manner. Write your essay in simple and clear language. Select some supporting points for each key and write these beneath the relevant key idea.

GED Practice For Language Arts, Reading Part

There are 40 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 65 minutes. The questions are divided into two sections. Section 1 is made up of literary text and section 2 is made up of non-fiction text. You need to concentrate and pick and choose the main points and work accordingly.

The reading passages in the Language Arts and Reading test may be taken from books, journals, magazines and newspapers with a total length of 200 to 400words. It is very important that you should orient yourself to the text i.e. titles and sub headings. Identify the main points, opinion and attitude and then try to understand the paraphrase, argument or fact and then support the ideas.

GED Practice In Braille

With the advancement of technology, now the students with visual impairments can also appear for the test with the help of Braille. The test for practice is also available now in Braille. Earlier, the candidates had to take the test with the help of audiotapes and large print editions. But with the use of Braille, students now feel that the materials are far easier to grasp mentally. They no longer need anyone’s help to describe to them a globe, a chart or a graph; now they can obtain the details. This practice test consists of detailed instructions, maps, charts, photographs, maps, mathematical formulas etc.

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