Information For Candidates Taking The GED From Oregon

Details of GED for Those in Oregon

It gives an opportunity to the residents of Oregon, who are school dropouts and couldn't obtain their high school diploma due to various reasons, to fulfill their dreams. It provides them a chance to attain a certificate equivalent to the high school diploma which will help them in shaping up a bright future.

The Format

This test format is the same as laid down by the ACE (American Council on Education) and it requires that a candidate appears for five subjects: Language Arts (Reading), Language Arts (Writing), Science, Social studies and Mathematics. The questions included are multiple-choices based and the Writing test requires one to write an essay.

Passing Score

You need to get a score of 410 in each test section and an average of 450 across all test sections to pass. If you fail to pass in the first attempt, you can attempt the test for three times again in a year. But, before the third attempt, a letter from a recognized Instructor needs to be given to the Chief Examiner stating that you are ready for taking the examination.

After appearing for the test, your scores are sent to the State GED Program Office, if you get the required passing scores, then a certificate is issued. The certificate can be obtained from the State Board of Education either personally or through mail. The certificates are not faxed.


You are eligible for taking the test, even if you are not a resident of Oregon, but you must have completed 18 years of age. In case of any doubts regarding the test or its eligibility conditions you can refer to the link:

Exceptional Eligibility

If you are 16 or 17 years of age and studying in an Oregon school which has been approved for Selected Secondary Students plan then you can appear for the exam. If you are not studying in a school as mentioned above and wish to appear, then you need to seek permission for being exempted from compulsory school attendance by the school district.


The preparation can be done by selecting a study method that suits you. It can include a preparatory course available on the internet or courses provided in classrooms or studying under a private tutor. You can also opt for self study or group study. Different types of study resources are available in bookstores, libraries and on the internet. Some resources are available for free, whereas the others can be accessed by paying the required fees.

It provides free preparation programs online, the details of which are available at the link:

Various community colleges in Oregon offer preparation programs. You can also take the help of private tutors who will help you with your preparation. Preparation programs are also available on the Oregon Public Broadcasting. More information is available at the link:

Test Centers

Test centers are available at various places like Baker, Crook, Curry, Lincoln, Linn, Wasco, Washington etc. More information regarding the testing centers is available at:,

More information about GED Oregon

The candidates can visit the Oregon Department of Education home page (http://www.ode.state, where all the information regarding the test is available.

Detailed information regarding how to register, test centers, test dates, fees etc. is available at the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development website:

The test provides the non-residents along with the residents with an opportunity to earn a credential that will help them in building their future.