Taking The GED From Michigan

GED Testing Details for those in Michigan

Taking GED in Michigan:

If you have failed to get a high school diploma in Michigan, taking a series of tests could help you earn a high school equivalent credential. The diploma granted to those qualified test takers, works as a useful criterion for getting jobs or for applying to college courses. In this article, we shall discuss some basic facts about taking the test. Moreover, you shall also know the future of the test from the details mentioned here.

The Structure and Scoring Pattern of GED:

This test, just like other states, contains five sections. The five sections are:

  • Language of Arts, Part I and II: Writing
  • Language of Arts: Reading
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences

The scoring pattern of these five sections depends upon the question types. Each of these five sections is scored on a range from 200 to 800. In order to get a certificate, you must score at least 410. The standard average score is 450 or higher. For retesting, you must have a score of 430. A score between 400 and 429 would make you wait for three months, before you can take the retest. A score below 400 would make you wait for six months before you can take the retest.

Eligibility and Registration of Test takers:

According to the Michigan government, the state of Michigan allows individuals of at least 16 years of age to sit for the test. The test takers must not be connected with any high school program, diploma course, etc. for at least a year. This criterion, of not being connected with studies for a year, can be avoided if the test taker has sufficient proofs that GED is in his/her 'best interest' along with the permission of the chief examiner, a guardian/parent and a school district officer. Moreover, the test taker must make sure that the permission is at par with the guidelines set by the test centers.

You may take it at an age of 17 years, only if you are going into the US Armed Forces. In such an event you need to have:

  1. Permission in writing, by the recruiting office of any branch of the Armed Forces, stating that you fulfill all requirements to enter the army, except the test scores.
  2. Permission or a letter in writing, signed by the local school official expressing that you have quit school for joining the army and that the testing is in your best interest.
  3. Permission or letter in writing, signed by your parents.

It does not involve any state-centric application procedure. For registering, you have to contact your nearest test center in order to receive registration information. Moreover, the testing fee varies among the various Michigan test centers. Hence, you have to contact your local testing center for information on registration and the test fee.

What is the Future of GED Michigan?

Taking the test in Michigan and acing the exam would open a new door of opportunity for you. More than 60 percent of Michigan colleges accept these scores for granting you admission. Employers and job center officials would consider your scores while recruiting you. Courses like the Mary Grove College's Program and the Delta College's Program, grants admission to the test takers with good scores. For earning the diploma in Michigan, you can attend the James Madison High School.

If you visit the Michigan's Department of Labour and Economic Growth's Office of Adult Education, you will receive more updated news about the test. If you need to locate the testing centers in Michigan, you can follow this link: http://www2.acenet.edu/resources/ged/center_locator.cfm. Remember that it offers you another platform where you can display your worth and ability. If you study hard enough, you will definitely get good GPA scores. These scores would help you earn an admission in colleges or jobs, giving you a better foothold in life.