Choosing A Free GED Preparatory Course

How to Select an Online Course for GED?

How to Prepare for the GED?

Preparation can be done through classes available on the internet, live classes and from home. The method of preparation depends on an individual's convenience. Some of the online classes are provided for free. This means that all the course materials can be accessed free of cost. The study materials, practice tests etc. are provided without any charges.

Before selecting the class, you need to enquire about it, as some classes provide the practice test for free but for accessing the rest of the course you need to pay the required fee.

How to Select an Online Course for GED

A person who has dropped out of school and wants to resume an academic course later has to face several problems. There may be other responsibilities, such as family care, work responsibilities and so on. A lot of hard work and willingness to learn are important factors while preparing. There may be various other factors that may force him to quit in the middle of the course. In these situations, thinking about the better prospects that can be achieved after completing the test is the only motivational factor that can make him continue his studies. Support from family, friends and colleagues can also make a difference. While selecting an online course, you must consider the following factors in addition to the above-mentioned factors.

  • How much time has passed since you left school?
  • How much time can you devote for studying?
  • What is your learning capacity?

Even though an online course can be learned from a place and time comfortable to you, there are assignments that need to be completed and submitted. So, you need to be punctual and work on the constant feedback provided on your progress.

If you want to opt for a course that provides deep learning about all the sections, then there are online courses that provide an extensive study. Similarly, courses are available that provide only a review on all the topics and some offer only practice tests.

There are several options available for selecting an online course but the main criteria involved in the selection should be based on an individual's needs.

Review of Some GED Free Classes

  • The ( website provides classes for free. The website is managed by Steck-Vaughn who publishes different preparation materials on the website. The practice tests are similar to the questions that appear in the real test.

  • GED free classes at ( This website provides a study plan covering each section and prepares you to face it with confidence. New classes are started on the first Sunday of every month. The enrollment for the new classes begins one month in advance.

  • ( is another website offering free classes. The classes familiarize you with the latest questions that are asked in the test. The practice test includes multiple-choice questions that are designed based on the latest trend. While attempting the practice test, you need to score above 70% in a section to attempt the next section.

  • ( is an online course offering sessions at no cost. The course material is designed by experts and includes all the important concepts that are asked. All the five sections are given equal importance, but special attention is given for Mathematics. The course material is designed in a manner that a candidate with ninth grade education can prepare for the test. Special examination tips and strategies are included in the course material.

Free classes have an important role in preparation. The study materials and practice tests, which otherwise come at a cost, are provided free in these classes. Those who are serious about preparation can visit these free classes to help them get a good score, which will lead to a better future.