Learn About The GED

It is a program which is designed keeping a special purpose in mind. The special purpose is to provide education to people who have not been able to get formal education due to their personal reasons.

The person undertaking the program has to appear for the exam and on successfully clearing the test; American Council on Education awards the candidate with a diploma, which is recognized by a majority of colleges and universities in America and Canada. American Council on Education is an educational body, which conducts and organizes the exam. It is made up of a total of five tests i.e. Language Arts, Writing Part 1,2; Social Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Reading and Science. In order to keep pace with the changing times, the test is also upgraded on a regular basis. The current exam includes business related topics and adult related questions and reading material. The preparation is held in a number of places including correctional facilities and military bases. Persons living outside America and Canada are also eligible.

The candidate, before appearing for the main exam, has to sit for and clear the pre-test. After successfully clearing it, the test taker can attend the classes and thus prepare for the main exam.


In order to appear for the exam, it is very important to check the eligibility of the candidate. The test taker should be of 18 years or older. The candidate must possess the basic ability to read, write, compute and express himself. Some states do allow 17 year olds to appear. In that case the candidate has to get a no objection certificate signed by his parents or immediate guardians, deposited with the concerned authorities. Some states allow only those candidates who have completed the official practice test. This gives the authorities an opportunity to pick and choose those candidates who are efficient enough to clear the main exam.


The candidate should get himself registered for the exam. In order to register, the candidate should make sure that he has all the required documents and should also try to register in person. The exam fee will have to be paid at the time of registration only. The candidate must bring an attested valid photograph ID with his name, picture, permanent address and date of birth.

The test takers can get online registration done, as well as through mail, web adviser or phone. The registration form will not be regarded complete until and unless the candidate does not put his signature.


The Language Arts, Writing exam will contain 50 multiple choice questions to be completed in 75 minutes. The major questions that are asked are related to organization, sentence structure, usage and mechanics. The candidate is asked to build unity and arrange the paragraphs in a proper manner, frame the structure of the sentence in the right order. They will also have to properly indicate the pronouns, verb tense and subject-verb agreement. In mechanics, the possessives will be put in an incorrect manner and the candidate will have to pick the correct answer for it. Homonyms will be containing mistakes related with spellings, pronunciation; the candidate will have to correct it.

Writing part 2 will be given to check the candidates vocabulary, spellings, tenses and continuity of thoughts. An essay will be given and the candidate will be asked to pen down his thoughts and ideas related to the given topic. The essay must be written in at least 250 words. The essay must be written in a proper manner i.e. it should be divided into three parts- introduction, main body and conclusion.


The Language Arts, Reading exam will be made up of 40 multiple-choice questions and the time given to complete them will be 65 minutes. The questions will be divided into two sections. The first section will be made up of literary texts. The questions will be based on topics related to poetry, drama and prose fiction. Section 2 will constitute on non-fiction text. The reading part of this portion will be taken from books, newspapers etc with a total length of 200-400 words. Each reading passage will be then followed by 4 to 8 questions.


The Science exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions to be completed in 80 minutes. The questions that the candidate will be asked to solve will be regarding life science, earth science and space science. Some information may also be presented in the form of a chart, graph, table, map or a figure. A number of questions will be based on them.

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