Salient Features Of Some GED Preparatory Books Available Online

E-books for GED Study

GED E-books:

An e-book is a program carrying written data, which you can access, view, share and edit as per your needs. The only requirement to run this program is a computer that has access into the Internet. E-books are not short of memory as you can store capacious details inside them. Moreover, these may be available at very low prices or even free of cost. Hence, there are several advantages of e-books and in this regard, it is highly recommended that you download such books, which are easily available online. The e-books carry all the necessary and important facts that you need to know, to take the test efficiently. You will get ample exercises for all the five tests. You can practice and learn well from the books available online. You can carry the e-books easily in your Smart-Phone or E-book Reader and swipe through their pages whenever you wish to. Due to these benefits, students prefer getting books through internet, along with other methods of preparation.

How Do GED E-books help?

As most of the test takers prefer online books, there have to be certain reasons for it. Let us discuss a few of them under the following sub-headings:

  1. Availability: One of the most important aspects about online books is their easy availability. You can simply enter a search for your desired book and know all about it online. You have more options of whether choosing or negating the book. You can find about their contents and even their prices. You can do all this sitting back at home and you do not have to set forth to your local bookstore for paperback books.
  2. Comprehensibility: The next aspect is that they are all-inclusive. As an e-book can contain a huge amount of information, these books carry ample exercises, study resources and test strategies.
  3. Easily Read: You only need some basic software, like PDF reader, HTML reader, regular text format reader, etc. to read the e-books. You can get complete online tutorials or read more about the related facts and data through these books.

After discussing about the e-books and their importance, let us discuss some online books in the following points:

GED Study Guide 2012 Algebra Review:

You cannot afford to keep your mathematical knowledge at a low level when appearing for the test. You need to wake up early each day, start practicing sums and algebra and develop your skills in mathematics and algebra. Hence, this 1022 pages long e-book becomes important for practicing mathematical problems. You will also get flashcards for the math section in this e-book. It is available at online book stores (say You just need to click on this link: and see whether you want to buy the book.

The GED for Dummies:

If you are a total amateur and have no idea about the test, you can purchase "GED for Dummies". It provides complete introduction about the contents of the test. You get to solve sample papers and exercises in this book. There are two practice tests too in this e-book. It offers you tips to utilize your time during the exam time, ways to approach the questions, etc. It is available at at a minimal price of $9.99.

GED Exam Flashcard Study System:

This is an interesting e-book where you get useful flashcards, which you can flip through whenever needed. Flashcards assist you in establishing the basics of the test in short data sheets. The e-book covers various mathematical formulas, social science issues, scientific facts and even grammar usage. This is no doubt a better choice for visual learners. Check out the following link: for a closer look.

McGraw-Hill's GED Language Arts, Writing Workbook:

You should sharpen your English language skills and usage as you prepare for the test. You need to improve the way you structure your sentences, use vocabulary and the quality of English language you prefer. All these improvements can be brought by the McGraw-Hill's GED Language Arts, Writing Workbook, that contains tasks and exercises, which checks your punctuation usage, essay writing skills and organization power in essay responses. It has detailed explanations of all the three English sections together with exercises and answer keys. You can visit for more information about this book.

Hence, the above mentioned books are for your preparation. You must remember that these are online books that require you to study from a computer. You should not tire your eyes while reading these books on a computer. Take a coffee break and then resume studying from the e-books. Alongside, use paper-based exercise books to practice the questions. In this way your eyes would be less affected and you would be able to prepare for the test efficiently.