Prepare For The GED Free of Cost

Review of Free GED Prep Help Sources

Internet is the best choice to prepare for this test. You can find lots of paid as well as free programs when you browse through the Internet. Such programs are preferred since you can save your money needed for a paid program which might be beyond the financial capacities of many among us. You must choose one of the better programs based on your preference. You must also consider the content of the program while making your choice and also ensure that you choose a comprehensive program that offers updated training materials and practice tests using the best training techniques. This article discusses a few programs that are available free of cost.

ACE GED Testing Service

The American Council on Education (ACE) offers the best study materials and practice questions for each content area of the test free of cost through its testing service. The study materials, additional online resource materials and official online practice tests available at this site are of the best quality when compared to the other programs.

Steck Vaughn

Steck-Vaughn offers interactive study materials and active practice materials of quality equal to that offered by ACE. The company offers excellent training using experienced instructors. Steck-Vaughn provides online study materials for all the topic areas. It also offers comprehensive online practice tests on the subject areas covered in the test.

Kentucky Educational Television (KET)

Kentucky Educational Television (KET) offers online preparation activities and sample tests free of cost. The link to their website is as follows: . It also offers study materials, which you can access by clicking on the following link:  This method of preparation is ideal for test takers living outside Kentucky.

GED Academy

The Academy offers fast, easy and affordable online programs. It offers free online courses, sample questions and practice tests. The study materials available at this site will be very useful if you prefer free online classes for your preparations.



This website offers an intensive that helps you know everything required for passing the exam. The program also offers weekly assignments unlike other programs.

GED for Free


The online course from 'GED for Free' does not require payment of any sort. The program includes useful study materials covering all the five main topic areas of the test. The program also offers practice tests completely free of cost. These study materials and practice tests offered can help you have effective preparation in all the test areas. The site also provides free test taking tips and strategies.

Though many programs are available online, you must decide to choose only an effective and useful program that is provided by a reliable organization. The above-listed programs are a few among the best preparatory programs that are available online. They can positively help you prepare well for the test, thus resulting in better scores; particularly, the programs from the ACE GED Testing Service, Steck-Vaughn and KET are recommended as the best. The other free programs are also good to strengthen your grip over the test areas.

It is your wish to choose the one that suits your needs. The reviews given in this article should help you decide among the best programs available. After choosing a study program, ensure that you read the study materials given by the course with dedication and interest. Try to practice as many sample tests as possible. Once you are ready to sit for the test, take a few practice tests before the actual test. This will definitely improve your confidence and speed for completing the actual test successfully.