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OPT – The Official GED Practice Tests

These tests have been developed by the GED Testing Service of ACE (American Council on Education). These tests contain questions, which are of the same standard as the actual tests. The practice tests serve as an excellent tool for determining an applicant’s capability of passing the final examinations. These tests are available in both paper and computerized formats. The package contains six booklets. These pretest booklets cover the subject areas of writing, reading, science, social sciences and math. Your local testing center will be able to guide you in procuring the kit.

Pre-testing and registration requirements vary as per the state where you are taking your tests. It is mandatory for candidates to appear for a pre-test in certain jurisdictions. The candidates have to take these practice tests and attain the minimum required scores for passing before sitting for the final tests. Candidates who are not able to pass the practice tests may even have to attend a review course before they can apply again to take the tests.

Why Free Tests?

The key to success is a great deal of practice which can be achieved attempting a number of practice tests. Taking free tests and practicing is a very good option as there is no financial implication involved and you can keep taking as many tests as you want. The question that comes to one’s mind is that why would a company invest in practice tests that are available free of cost. There are mainly two reasons for this. The first reason is that the websites that offer free tests require you to fill up a form before you register for taking the test. The company rakes in money from the advertisements placed on the form that you’re filling up. These advertisements may be for some preparatory material or courses. Some websites invite you to enroll for their online course or buy some books and software and the practice tests come with it absolutely free. Actually it is not free of cost. The cost has already been covered in the book or the software that you’re buying.

No matter what the websites claim, always remember that you can only take a practice test online and not the actual exam. For more information on tests and testing centers you can visit the official website of the American Council on Education (

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