Free GED Diploma

What Discounts Are Offered for Taking the GED

If you want a free diploma, then you will have to do some research. It is not really possible to get a diploma totally free, that is, you must be willing to spend some money. For instance, even if your state charges no registration fee and sends your results for free, you may still have to pay for your preparation. There are classes available that are free of cost, but even then, you may need to buy basic student supplies such as stationery. You may also have to bear travel costs, both to attend classes and to take the exam. Although it may not be possible to get a diploma completely free, it is possible to keep your total cost down to the bare minimum. The following paragraphs explain how you can get discounts, and yet manage to take the exam successfully.

Registering for the GED Exam:

The registration fee for the exam varies very much from one state to the other. You need to find out at your own local testing center, whether you can get a diploma at no cost or not. The link that you can use to obtain this information is given below: If you have a case worker assigned to you by the state, due to your financial constraints, then you could ask him or her about getting a diploma for free. You may have to fulfill certain additional criteria for this.

Preparation for the GED Exam:

Many local bodies such as those promoting adult literacy, churches and community centers, conduct free classes. Such classes are available in most places in the USA. One example is the CUNY College in NYC. There may be stringent eligibility criteria that you will have to fulfill before you are permitted to enroll for these classes. There may be minimum age requirements, for instance. If you can get a teacher or a friend to coach you, then you can save the money on classes. You can also get free classes online, such as at Free-Ed.Net. You can find this course at the following link:

You can prepare for the exam on your own also, but keep in mind that most students greatly benefit from taking classes. If you make the decision to study on your own, you will have to get books. You will need at least one basic guide that contains the general aspects of all the subjects of the exam. If you find that you are weak in any particular area, then you may need to get a book that focuses on that subject as well. The cost of books varies from around $7.00 and upwards, per book. You may be able to purchase used copies of the books, for example at The cost of a used copy will be much less than that for a new copy. Alternatively, you may be able to borrow a book from a friend or get a copy at your local library.

Getting Your GED Results:

Different states charge variable amounts to test takers, in order to provide them with a transcript of their results. When you call or visit your local test center at the time of registration, you can ask about the availability of this service as well. In certain states, you can get a free duplicate copy of your diploma.

It is natural that you want to get a free diploma, especially if you are unemployed and are considering getting GED certification, in order to improve your chances of finding a job. You can visit or call local organizations and ask about your options. You should also know that some organizations and colleges offer you discounts on college tuition fees, if you have this certification. If your goal is to continue with your studies, then you should remember this also.