Free Books For GED

The Best Free Books for GED Prep

The tests are a combination of five essential subject tests that determine whether the test-taker is academically as able as any other high school graduate or not. These five subjects of the tests namely, Language Arts/Reading, Language Arts/ Writing, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics can be studied from a single book or candidates can procure separate study materials for all of them. The choices are many and it is up to the candidates to opt for the most suitable option for them. Some of the sources to procure are paid while others are free of charge. The books that aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the tests can also be downloaded from the Internet. Some companies provide self-published free books to lure candidates so that they register with them for their courses. Whatever the source might be, the options to get the books are many.

Let's explore a few free GED books and the options to procure them:

1. Master the GED - 2011:

Master the GED-2011 is a book that is available for free download. This is one of those free books that students have access to, over the Internet. It has been written and compiled by Mark Alan Stewart in collaboration with the famous Peterson's publication house.

A few features of this book are as follows:

  • The book assists in all the five tests and is a very comprehensive compilation of subject matter.
  • It consists of detailed explanations to the questions that occur in the actual tests.
  • The book is easy to understand and is addressed to all the various kinds of students who take the tests.
  • This revised book also includes the changes that have been made to the tests for the year 2012.
  • The book also serves as an assessment book that helps students know their preparedness while it also provides solutions to the many hurdles that might occur in the tests.
  • The link for downloading this book is

2. The GED for Dummies 2nd Edition

This book is another one of the free books that are available for download from the Internet. As the name suggests, this book serves the purpose of introducing new students to the tests and helping them prepare for it as well.

The features of this book are as follows:

  • This book explains the formats of the five tests and helps candidates understand the structure of the tests as they occur in the final test.
  • The book consists of several practice tests that are accompanied by explanations for the questions so that the students get ample practice for the tests.
  • Along with tips on subject matter, the book also contains tips on managing time while taking the test and handling the physical strain of taking a long test like this.
  • This is a good book to ease a student into the nuances of the tests so that he/she does not get a shock on the day of the test.
  • The link for a free download of the book is

3. GED Test Prep by the Learning Express Editors:

If there is one word that can describe this book, then that word is 'exhaustive'. Such is the detailed structure of this book that it can easily be called one of the best free books that are available in a downloadable format today. The book covers every test and its requirements in detail and also addresses the general issues associated with the tests as a whole.

A few features of this book are as follows:

  • The book serves as a guide and a self-help book that can assist students in making their own study schedule to ace the tests.
  • The book features the various types of questions asked in the test and provides sample tests for practice.
  • There is extensive information on language skills, grammar, syntax, punctuation etc.
  • The book also contains details on economics, social studies, sciences and lists of mathematical formulas etc.
  • To get a detailed overview of the book and to download it, visit the link

A Final Tip:

There are many books available in the market to assist a student in preparation. These tests aim to test a student's knowledge and therefore it is best for a student to wisely choose the books that really suit his/her requirements and capabilities. More books do not necessarily imply better preparation. Quality counts more than quantity, so choose well!