Classes for GED

What Are the Types of Classes Conducted for GED Prep

If you feel you need help to prepare, you could attend classes for GED preparation. There are many different types. You should be able to find something that suits your particular requirements. The types of classes are as follows:

1. Classroom Sessions Conducted by Universities and Colleges:

The classes are conducted by colleges and universities, keeping in mind the busy schedules of the people who usually take them. Hence, classes are organized at different times of the day, including evenings and weekend classes are also often available. Most colleges impose age limits for those who wish to study, as the classes are meant for adults. The usual rule regarding a person below 18 years of age, is that he must not be enrolled in any school at the time of registering for the course. There is usually a fee that you have to pay to take these classes.

2. Classes for GED Conducted by Organizations That Focus on Adult Education:

These are classes that are aimed at education for adults. They are conducted by institutions and organizations that are interested in promoting adult literacy. The courses offered often include classes for preparation also. Each organization has its own rules and regulations about whom they permit in their classes. Some of these courses are free; for others there is a fee. However, these are usually not as expensive as other options. These organizations often receive funding from interested agencies and are thus able to offer classes at reduced rates.

3. Practice Tests:

Some organizations offer test takers the opportunity to take a practice test. If you have been preparing on your own, this is a good chance for you to find out if you are ready for the test. An example is Montgomery College. It also offers additional advice regarding the GED, tips on preparation, etc.

4. Online Classes:

Online classes are popular with those people who cannot manage to fit regular classes into their schedules. Online courses vary as to the curriculum and the number of practice tests that they provide. The cost of the course also varies; some are free, but for others you must pay a fee.

5. Prep Courses That You Can Purchase Online:

If you are unable to make time even for online classes, then you could consider purchasing a preparation course that you can do at your own pace. An example is the course by Testking. The entire course, covering all the subjects, is available for $300. You can purchase this course at

Review of Classes for GED:

1. Northampton Community College:

These classes teach the students the basic skills that they need to pass the test. Each subject is dealt with in turn. The practice tests simulate the conditions of the real GED, such as keeping to the time limit. These tests will teach you to answer the questions correctly, and also to complete the test within the stipulated time. You can use this link to get details and to register for these classes:

2. Clark College:

Clark College conducts classes for preparation. The minimum age requirement is 16 years. The fee for these classes is $25 for every quarter. To contact the college and to find out the schedule of classes, you can call (360) 992-2741, or use this link:


This is an online course and as its name suggests, it is free of cost. It consists of 200 pages of material that focuses on each subject. It includes mock tests and tips to make the test easier. It is available at: