GED in California

Importance of GED for Those in California

For adults in California who do not have a high school diploma, GED offers an opportunity to receive a high school certificate. Once you pass it, you are awarded a High School Equivalency Certificate. The test is offered many times in a year in many centers across the state. The test can be taken up in English, Spanish or French languages.

Subjects for the test

The subjects tested are the same as in other states. The subjects are, Literary Arts-Writing, Literary Arts- Reading, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.


Each testing center has different registration fees for the test. The approximate fee for the test is $150. $25 is charged for retaking each section of the test.


The schedule of the test also varies from center to center. Some centers offer the test on several days of the month throughout the year while some offer only on a few days. The test can be taken over a 1 to 3 day period.

This site can be used for searching for testing centers near your area, Details about fees, languages available for testing and testing schedule can be got by contacting the testing center in the office hours.


  • Only those who are residents of California can take up this test there. Identity card is a must for taking up the test.

  • Only individuals who are 18 years or older, can take up the test. Those who are 60 days away from their 18th birthday can also take up the test.

  • If you are within 60 days of graduation from high school, had you continued schooling, then you can take up the test.

  • If you are 17 years of age, but have been out of school for a minimum period of 60 consecutive days and can provide a letter of request from the military, a prospective employer or a post-secondary educational institution, then you can also take up the test.

  • Individuals of 17 years can also take up the test if they cannot complete a high school diploma, have skills to complete the test, have time to complete the test even if they are released before the completion of the test and if they understand the responsibility, requirements, benefits and limitations of getting the degree.

If you take up the test at 17 years, you will not receive the diploma till your 18th birthday. A letter of intent stating that the certificate has not been given and will be awarded at the candidate's completion of 18 years, will be issued.

GED Scores

The High School Equivalence Certificate and an Official Report of Test Results are mailed to the candidates who pass the test. For this test also like for other GED tests, the pass mark is a combined score of 2250 with individual section scores of 410. The candidates who are unable to meet the above requirements fail the test and can re-take the test after taking up preparation classes offered by the testing center or wait for a pre-determined period of time. You can test up to a maximum of 3 times in a year. The results and certificates for those who pass the test will be received by the candidates within 6 to 8 weeks of the test date.


To prepare for the test, many options are available. The materials are available on the net, bookstores and libraries for self-study. Free preparation programs are also available in many of the testing centers. The preparation classes are also available at most of the adult schools.

Examinees with Disabilities

It accommodates persons with disabilities to take up the test. You need to contact the testing center 30 days prior to your planned test date. The center has to submit a requisition form for the same to the state GED office. The requisition form has to be filled by the center staff, examinee and a certifying professional.