Average Score in GED

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Upgrading the Average GED Score

The candidate after being awarded with the diploma can still upgrade his average score. It can be done only if his employer asks him to do so. The upgrade can also be done if a particular college or university in which he wants to take admission requires a higher score and asks him to do so. For this, the candidate has to first of all obtain a letter from his employer or educational institution. This letter should specify the minimum scores that are required for employment purpose or for registration in a particular college or university. The candidate should get an approval before sitting for the test.

GED Retest Scores

In case the candidate is unable to obtain the minimum passing score i.e. 420 points, then he can appear for the retest in any of the five tests, so that he is able to bring the score at least nearer to the minimum score required. If after receiving the minimum passing score of 420 points in each of the tests, the total score of the candidate remains still less than 2250, then he may take the retest in any one of the tests of his choice. It should be kept in mind that the test form should be different from one that he had taken earlier. The scores of the retest will be considered as invalid if the candidate will appear for it on the same form. As there are just three test forms available, the candidate can take the test only three times in a particular year.

Nearly all colleges and universities in America and Canada recognize the average scores and thus admit the candidate into their institutions. The score that a candidate secures is usually kept as classified and is not openly displayed. The total score that a candidate needs to have is 2250 and the average score required is 450.

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