Study for GED at Home

Self Study for GED

The key to preparing well for any test is to ensure that you are well acquainted with the format of the test. The tests comprise of five subject tests which are Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts: Reading and Language Arts: Writing. Since the test is offered in two more languages apart from English, i.e. French and Spanish, the candidates who take the test in those languages will have to qualify an additional test. This test is ESL or the Test of English as a Second Language. Giving all five subject tests in one sitting would take well over seven hours. You will have to contact your local test center to find out whether all tests are conducted in one day or spread out over two days or more. Let us get acquainted with the idea of 'at home' preparation. Mostly, students have such an inherent fear of the test that they think it is impossible for them to successfully prepare for the test on their own. Even if you study for the test at home, preparation is not as difficult as it seems. If you choose this option, then all you need is discipline and access to good study materials to be successful. These are available in the form of books as well as online materials. Let us discuss two examples of each.


  • Complete GED Preparation: This book is the masterpiece of Steck-Vaughn. Steck-Vaughn has been a popular name in Adult Education for many years and this book has been recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) as the book you should consult for preparation. The book is a comprehensive guide on every subject of the test. The book is written in a very student friendly manner and is especially useful for those of you who are planning to prepare at home, mock tests included! Concepts are easily understandable and there are assignments and practice tests to review your progress. Full length mock tests are also available at the end of the book to give you an idea of how the actual test is going to be.

  • McGraw Hill's GED: As the name suggests, this book is published by McGraw Hill which is also a very popular name when it comes to preparatory books for standardized tests. The book covers important concepts of all subject areas tested and aims for you to gain an understanding of the fundamentals. Apart from that, it contains subject wise assignments as well as full length practice tests. The book also contains some very useful tips and strategies that you can use to maximize your score.

Preparatory Websites:

  • ACE: The official website has a lot of free solved sample questions which will give you an idea of what to expect in the test. You must consult this website as it is the authority on everything related to GED. ACE has developed the Official GED Practice Test which is useful in assessing whether you are ready for the test or not. You can find it by visiting this link - It is said that your score on this practice test is an accurate precursor of your score in the actual battery tests.

  • GEDForFree: This site ( is a very good free site for preparing. It contains a plethora of video lessons, tutorials, tips, strategies, tests, mock tests, and everything else that you need for preparation from home. The site is highly recommended and you must visit it at least once during your preparation.

ACE provides you with another option which is watching PBS channels that broadcast GED classes. This effort is in cooperation with PBS Literary Link and KET to help with  preparation. You can always supplement your preparation by consulting a teacher off and on. Form study groups with your friends who are planning to take the test to make your learning experience more enjoyable.